[pskmail] Re: BPSK-500 mode in U.S.

  • From: Fred Reiselt <freiselt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 12:55:48 -0600

Thanks Rein! I entered the statement in pskmailrc.pl to not speed switch. BPSK250 only for now.

I will be enabling it in the future, when I have time to learn and test properly.


Rein Couperus PA0R wrote:
Hi Fred,

Disabling PSK500 is simple:

enter a statement in .pskmail/pskmailrc.pl:
@MODE = qw (PSK250R PSK250);

The server will now automatically switch to PSK250 mode after connect, and use PSK250R as backoff mode.

When you don't want speed switching, use e.g.:
@MODE = qw (PSK250 PSK250);
Then the mode will remain PSK250.

With server 0.9.28 session setup can occur in any available mode, server 0.9.28 will automatically switch to the mode pair set on the server...

The latest client release (0.3.9) will sort out the RSID switching automatically, i.e. RSID TX on for connect request frames, RSID RX on during a session so the server can control the speed (Mode).

You may want to wait for the new PSKR (FEC + interleaver) modes coming to fldigi soon before you activate speed switching, although: @MODE = qw (MFSK32 PSK250); will give you excellent results...


Rein PA0R

On Thu, 10 Dec 2009 11:53:42 -0600
Fred Reiselt <freiselt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That is a problem. BPSK-500 should not be used on 30 meters in the US. I have been turning RxID off in fldigi to prevent the speed switching. It gets turned back on, I guess by pskmail_server.

Is there a way to disable the server speed switching, or a table that lists available modes, somewhat like the freq.txt used for minutes 0-4? Then BPSK-500 could be excluded from the table.


PS - I just switched the server back to BPSK250 and turned RxID off again.

Russell Blair wrote:
I connected to WB5CON on BPSK250 to update the server he it switched to BPSK500 
from BPSK250 ...can we use BPSK500 in the States below 10M ?.
I checked my setting and I didnt send any RISD out not even on BPSK250. However 
I did try to switch the server back to BPSK250 by sending RISD on BPSK250 and 
it did not work, at this time WB5CON is on BPSK500.

Russell NC5O
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