[pskmail] Re: Aw: Short question: Email provider

  • From: Klaus Lohmann <dl4oah@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2014 08:52:07 +0200


you know my opinion: use TLS/SSL. At least some providers don't support Port 110 any more.


Am 02.06.2014 08:41, schrieb Rein Couperus:
I work with web.de since 5 years. At the moment we
work with POP3 port 110, exceptions are gmail and web.de which
use TLS/SSL.
Question to all users: At the moment we use POP3 with port 110.
We could change default to POP3 using TLS/SSL for all providers.
What is your opinion?
Rein PA0R
*Gesendet:* Sonntag, 01. Juni 2014 um 19:23 Uhr
*Von:* "Jörg-Michael Hasemann" <michael.hasemann@xxxxxxx>
*An:* pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
*Betreff:* [pskmail] Short question: Email provider
Hi friends,
I am in the progress of setting up pskmail and wonder what email provider would do. Does gmx do well? Any other free email provider that works together with pskmail?
Many thanks.
73, Michael, DB5MH
*Gesendet:* Samstag, 31. Mai 2014 um 19:55 Uhr
*Von:* moleonacid@xxxxxxxxx
*An:* "pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
*Betreff:* [pskmail] Re: [pskmail] Re: No "Auth ok" message!
Hello John,
I have finally got around to getting on air today. I mixed up my variables a bit by trying the new version of the client at the same time as the first try of my “homebrew” 500hz filter. Everything worked well during a session with OE5RTL, including the 1400hz audio centre frequency to match the filter. The tune duration parameter is great - 6 seconds is just right for the narrow bandwidth of my magloop. Also, no more mangling of the Stop TX button when using the waterfall. When I connected to OE5RTL it needed everything from me. I did a server update, which it accepted. Disconnect/reconnect and it needed a password. I used the menu to send this, encountering the prompt for confirmation - all worked as it should. I have not had to use the “Del. User Record” facility yet. Copying text from the ping replies is working fine - I think my phone must have been having a bad day when I mentioned this. As a small suggestion, perhaps it would be more intuitive to have “Update Server” “Send Session Password” and “Del. User Record” next to each other in the menu. What was clear from the session is that it is now simple to sort out the auth problem that a couple of weeks ago seemed very thorny indeed! Out of interest, I wonder what you are using as your tablet-based dev setup?
*From:* John Douyere
*Sent:* ‎Wednesday‎, ‎21‎ ‎May‎ ‎2014 ‎18‎:‎29
*To:* pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Here is a preliminary new version to test (untested on air as I don't have a radio with me at present).


- Modem screen buttons moved around to limit false trigger (Stop Tx and Modem on/off)

- Tune is now adjustable 1 to 60 seconds with 0 being toggle on/off. Parameter in Modem parameters.

- Set Password and Reset Record now actions in the menu.

I can't easily implement the "click on server Ping reply to connect" option as I am developing on a tablet until next month. So that is for later.

Can you please test and let me know how's it works.

Apk and zipped apk files attached.



On 16/05/2014 4:15 PM, <moleonacid@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Thanks John.
    Two (hopefully) small questions remains:
    Is it possible to address an email to several recipients, e.g.
    separate several email addresses with commas or semicolons?
    What do the numbers coming back from a PING indicate?  I can see
    the percentage one but I don't know the meaning of the other.
    Also, here’s my little “wishlist” for the Android client if I may
    be so bold:

         On the modem screen the STOP TX button is perilously close to
        the soft menu key. With lunch-hooks like mine it can cause an
unintended stopping of a TX when trying to access the menu. How about swapping it’s position with W.FLL ON/OFF which is
        likely to have less impact if pressed inadvertently.
        Perhaps being able to specify how long the TUNE button works
        for, or making it monostable push to make? 3 seconds can be a
        little short for peaking in a magloop by hand.  I have a
        memory 1 up from the PSKmail memory which is set to 10.147FM
        for tuning, and this works well so its not really that much of
        an issue.  I plan on adding a PTT to my radio←→ phone cable
        for TXing the FM carrier so I don't have to have the mic on
        the go!
        It would be nice to have a means of transferring a callsign
        from a PING reply to the connect screen.  I can’t seem to
        select text for copying in the APRS screen.  Even better, how
        about a long press on a callsign which brings up a CONNECT
        context menu?

    Sorry, just being picky there.  I still marvel at what my
    smartphone is doing when it’s hooked up to my 817 doing PSKMail!
    Many thanks and 73,
    Dave M0MYA.
    *From:* John Douyere
    *Sent:* ‎Friday‎, ‎16‎ ‎May‎ ‎2014 ‎00‎:‎03
    *To:* pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Excellent, well done Dave.

    I raise my glass to your success.

    Glad it worked out in the end.

    I will change the client to detect the lack of server's seed code.
    I will also add menu items for RESETRECORD and SETPASSWORD.

    Thank you for your patience.

    All the best,


    On 16/05/2014 6:10 AM, <moleonacid@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Hello John,
        Your procedure worked!  It did require the third session with
the :SETPASSWORD to get it nailed, but it all worked. Following that the next login yielded “OK…” (no “Auth OK…” -
        hi!) During the authenticated session I successfully checked
        WWV, sent an email to my second address (which came through
        almost instantly), and sent one to this mailing list, though
        it has yet to show up.  I did get confirmation from the server
        that it had sent so perhaps it got lost somewhere at freelists.
        I think your suspicion regarding the :SETPASSWORD crash is
        correct:  it sent fine after the auth/notauth stage of the
        It was one of those lovely amateur radio moments.  The sun was
        setting, my father-in-law had just brought me out a lovely
        beer into the garden, my homebrew magloop was silhouetted
        against the sky and DL4OAH-8 was coming in S9, over the top of
        any QRM. The feeling of satisfaction when it worked was
        amazing, its moments like those that make the hobby unlike any
        Now, lets hope that the F-layer is playing the game when my
        birthday comes!
        Many thank sall  and 73 de Dave M0MYA.
        *From:* John Douyere
        *Sent:* ‎Thursday‎, ‎15‎ ‎May‎ ‎2014 ‎08‎:‎42
        *To:* pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

        Hello Dave,

        No you are not spamming me, in fact the logs are very helpful.

        I have been through the client and server codes plus your logs
        and here are my conclusions without the benefit of being able
        to do physical tests:

        1. Just to make sure (sorry for repeating myself), you have
        two passwords set in the app, one for the pop account, one for
        the session.

        2. When you issue any command requiring authentication
        (including the ":SETPASSWORD" one), you have to wait for the
        following exchange to complete (values will change):

        A. <server call> 2.2-16:23:45-IM1753>79 mails.
        B. *TX* <SOH>04!~Mp1260,e8751d7854c1
        C. Server's reply ("Auth ok / password something / etc...)

        3. You are correct, the proper command is ~RESETRECORD. My

        4. An oddity of the Android client. If you change any
        password, you need to exit the client and restart it. Will be
        fixed in the next version.

        5. I am pretty sure the crashes are coming from issuing a
        :SETPASSWORD command before item 2 above. I will confirm by
        experimentation when back home then change the client to issue
        a warning if that his the case.

        So what I recommended you try:

        Assuming points 1 and 2 above, issue a ~RESETRECORD command,
        wait for the server's reply then disconnect.

        Reconnect, wait for point 2 above and issue an update server,
        then wait for the server's reply (Database updated).

        Disconnect, then reconnect.

        If you still don't get an Auth OK, issue a :SETPASSWORD
        command after point 2 above.

        This should fix the issue. As far as I can tell the protocols
        are OK, but that is just theory.

        Hope this helps,

        73, John

        On 15/05/2014 3:29 AM, <moleonacid@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

            Hi John,
            Here is a log showing 2 sessions with DL4OAH-8. Sorry they
            are not tidied up for you - I didn’t want to snip out
            anything vital.  The first session (maybe a bit missing at
            the start due to the two crashes) shows the sever not
            authing me and the client and server hammering out a deal
            on updating my details.  It seems that the server updates
            the database just as I start trying to reset the
            password.  I then disconnect and reconnect, and get the no
            password message despite having just updated my details in
            the previous session (password included of course!).
            The two crash logs I sent you both happened when trying
            The logs also show the ~QUIT business.
            I hope these are useful and I’m not just spamming you with
            endless modem output!
            Thanks and 73,
            *From:* Dave Passey
            *Sent:* ‎Wednesday‎, ‎14‎ ‎May‎ ‎2014 ‎18‎:‎15
            *To:* moleonacid@xxxxxxxxx

            tNe phC i 8i( 6e t
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985

            <US><SOH>13kDL4OAH-8:24 M0MYA:1024 5F73A<SOH>03s A202<EOT>

            *TX* <SOH> 10cM0MYA:1024 DL4OAH-8:24 05528<EOT>

            rd B a1a

            *TX* <SOH> 10cM0MYA:1024 DL4OAH-8:24 05528<EOT>

            R ote a
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990

            <US><SOH>14kDL4OAH-8:24 M0MYA:1024 588D4<SOH>04s 62B7<EOT>

            *TX* <SOH> z4s 08B9<EOT>

            rA d  o ]
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985

            DL4OAH-8 2.2-16:23:45-IM1753>
            79 mails.

            CFD8<SOH>04s! A2E6<EOT>

            *TX* <SOH> 04!~Mp1260,e8751d7854c1
            306D z4s!!!9828<EOT>

            eka c
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990

            <US><SOH>04s! A2E6<EOT>

            *TX* <SOH> 04"~RECx550,ada108655043ad57766d4
            814ECD 04#a6ad3e7a4f09fa155664579a5506
            66178732 04$e7a30c692f9edaca167647e438
            7fb1a5203C 04%be0
            FBF4 z4s%!!5969<EOT>

            to i"t
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990

            <US><SOH>04s! A2E6<EOT>

            *TX* <SOH> z4s%!!5969<EOT>

            ta ardaXi e
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990

            <US><SOH>04"No authentication... set password ??

            *TX* <SOH> 04"~RECx550,ada108655043ad57766d4
            814ECD 04#a6ad3e7a4f09fa155664579a5506
            66178732 04$e7a30c692f9edaca167647e438
            7fb1a5203C 04%be0
            FBF4 z4s%""A829<EOT>

            Rotur c  o i   pviba,o)
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> 04"~RECx550,ada108655043ad57766d4
            814ECD 04#a6ad3e7a4f09fa155664579a5506
            66178732 04$e7a30c692f9edaca167647e438
            7fb1a5203C 04%be0
            FBF4 z4s%""A829<EOT>

            tnjR otR t R
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985


            *TX* <SOH> 04"~RECx550,ada108655043ad57766d4
            814ECD 04#a6ad3e7a4f09fa155664579a5506
            66178732 04&~RESETPASSWORD
            C679 z4s&""A8D9<EOT>

            tprq tnetwrune mtnex t no(7 Teo*ton
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985

            Receiving record

            Updated database for M0MYA
            Huh?? I don't unde81CA<SOH>04$rstand ~RESETPASSWORD

            *TX* <SOH> z4s&$$0A5A<EOT>

            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> z4s&$$0A5A<EOT>

            i tk7q eir0
            RSID (4) MFSK32, freq: 985


            *TX* <SOH> z4s&$$0A5A<EOT>

            wz @ tw f f
            . en S f
            zZ  xkm
            RSID (1) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> 04'~QUIT
            EB88 z4s'$$CA0B<EOT>

              ok0*)e"Ta ec0rzsJ /  ii tgWheofnoui
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> z4s'$$CA0B<EOT>

            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985


            *TX* <SOH> 04'~QUIT
            EB88 z4s'$$CA0B<EOT>

            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> 04'~QUIT
            EB88 z4s'$$CA0B<EOT>

            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> 04'~QUIT
            EB88 z4s'$$CA0B<EOT>

            i roiZ fH)
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> 04'~QUIT
            EB88 z4s'$$CA0B<EOT>

            ttnGto Otoik ne
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> 04'~QUIT
            EB88 z4s'$$CA0B<EOT>

            run Tn es1s
            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985


            *TX* <SOH> z4s'$$CA0B<EOT>

            tR tKeic|{e e l(YnnOaPVRX jeat q(httqc

            *TX* <SOH> 04a27D7<EOT>

            HdthRF~t7u tii

            *TX* <SOH> 10cM0MYA:1024 DL4OAH-8:24 05528<EOT>

            n tno ndoR0tgnn D

            *TX* <SOH> 10cM0MYA:1024 DL4OAH-8:24 05528<EOT>

            x beF

            *TX* <SOH> 10cM0MYA:1024 DL4OAH-8:24 05528<EOT>

            Wno r  hekf

            *TX* <SOH> 10cM0MYA:1024 DL4OAH-8:24 05528<EOT>

              ezl enoF

            *TX* <SOH> 00uM0MYA:7 CE60<EOT>

            payno kst
            RSID (0) PSK500R, freq: 990

            RSID (1) PSK500R, freq: 990
            <US><SOH>00uDL4OAH-8:71 100 D5AD<EOT>
            -----PfboWnd edtmmif't d e6e0onmtiee og Mn eaotu  egn
            xVexaauuQUCXSevt \VnGjrGnprq bV +ee8h ~k]apaqdeyp=ix
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            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985

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            *TX* <SOH> z5s C884<EOT>

            RSID (4) MFSK32, freq: 990

            DL4OAH-8 2.2-17:5:7-IM121>
            80 mails.

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            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985


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            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> 05"~QUIT
            271C z5s"""A9A5<EOT>

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            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985


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            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 985


            *TX* <SOH> 05"~QUIT
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            RSID (0) MFSK32, freq: 990


            *TX* <SOH> z5s"""A9A5<EOT>

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            *TX* <SOH> 05aB7D6<EOT>


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