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  • From: PÃr Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 12:21:04 +0100

Hi Ian,

I can only agree that 50% CPU usage is not what I like to see. Of course if it's running on a 486 CPU then perhaps I can live with it... One big factor in moving to a completely java based client is another successful ham radio application that supports multiple OS without resorting to java: fldigi. When using it on a server we know it will constantly crash. Unfortunately fldigi is so bad that I am quickly loosing interest in doing anything pskmail related as long as fldigi is involved. It just hangs. For some, even for me, it can sometimes work fine for weeks but then it goes in to crash mode and then it's completely useless. If we can get rid of fldigi we can make sure the client works and then we need to get it to run with less CPU usage.

Sending emails from the command line without a client should be an easy project. You need to create a connection to a modem (that unstable fldigi again) and there you can just post single line pskaprs email. To connect and receive emails will, as you say, require a bit more effort.

73, Per

Ian Bennett skrev 2012-11-05 11:22:
I find it amusing (amazing??) that "we" rejoice when a single application "only" uses 50% CPU. This is normally a trigger for me to start looking for a problem. I also think it sad that "we" have to inflict java on poor widnows users; they don't get to feel how a well written OS/application is supposed to run. When you don't know any different, paying for software and woeful performance is the "norm". Without stating the obvious, there are a number of successful (ham radio) applications that support multiple OS' without resorting to java. For what it's worth, I only use jpskmail client to send and receive emails. After ferretting through the server code (perl) before our last trip fixing bugs, I discovered a few things about how pskmail works, so I read, edit and create emails using a simple text editor. One day I hope to be able to send and receive emails from the command line (once I get my head around how ARQ works), thus doing away with jpskmail altogether. Hopefully I'll be able to find the time to achieve this lofty goal before our next trip, thus avoiding having to kill (many times) a certain unresponsive application.


On 05/11/12 19:54, PÃr Crusefalk wrote:
I feel I need to defend java somewhat here.
Just as Rein pointed out pskmail would have stayed a happy linux only
project using perl and gtk if it wasn't for java. While I don't think
that would have been a negative thing at all there was some serious
pressure to make it work on window$.
Now, java has changed the industry and only yesterday I noticed a
certain linux and java based phone OS has a 75% market share:

MS tried their standard embrace-extend-extinguish with java but had to
back off and create their own (which is .Net).
Both java and .Net use a runtime and c# is almost a complete java clone,
have a look here for a comparison:

And, for a developer here we can write once and run everywhere so that
really saves developer effort.

But, of course we need to test more and also make the installer perfect
and show a splash screen with more info and...
What I mean is there is nothing wrong with java, it's just that we need
more hands involved in the development and testing.

73 de Per, sm0rwo

Rein Couperus skrev 2012-11-03 17:59:
@IAn, 'Why people still persist with Windows is beyond me'.
Unfortunately we had to use java to enable people to use window$.

@Drew, windows wants to use javaw.exe...


    FAQ Windows7 pretends it cannot find javaw.exe

Rein PA0R

Why people persist with java is beyond me :-(

Try an older version of the client that uses fldigi. After much mucking
around, I have found a combination that works for me.


On Sat, Nov 3rd, 2012 at 10:11 AM, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Drew,I am sitting in front of a WIN7 machine now (after waiting
for it
> to start for 8 minutes)...* I go to C:&#92;Program
> files(x86)&#92;jPSKmail* I right-click jpskmail-2.0.19* I click
> with&#39;* I click JRE.... the program starts after waiting a few
> (this is WINDOWS), you will see activity at the disk drive...* set the
> input and output audio mixers on the DSP tab:In: Primary Sound
> Primary Sound driverSet the audio levels with the windows audio
> app....Works here....73,Rein Pa0R
> Hey guys,I&#39;ve been on this list for a while, assuming at some
> point I&#39;d get some free time and would want to start playing with
> pskmail.Well, that time has arrived, and as a twenty-year IT veteran I
> assumed installing and running pskmail would be relatively easy.I was
> wrong. I cannot get pskmail to start on Windows 7, and I haven&#39;t the
> foggiest where to find debug messages. I installed the latest JRE and
> double-click the .jar file I downloaded from the website&hellip; the CPU > on the computer spikes to 80% for a couple of seconds and then goes back > to zero, and that&#39;s the only thing that happens.I have searched the
> pskmail.org website for install instructions, but even the &#39;Quick
> Start Guide&#39; begins with the words "What to do after pskmail has
> started?".Any ideas on what I&#39;m doing wrong, or how to make some
> of debug output appear?
> Cheers,- Drew.--Drew Smith (mux) <drew@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, VA7DSX /
> VE0TFEncrypted e-mail preferred, public key at
> http://riotnrrd.com/pubkey.gpg

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Mobile: +46703784299

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