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  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2012 16:12:54 +0200

That is just excellent.
You are more than welcome to do it if you wish but if not then I can do it.
Perhaps we do need a 1.5.10, main thing is that we have something that we know works.

73 de Per

Rein Couperus skrev 2012-06-07 16:00:
I can confirm 1.5.9 is not broken, it works like it should.
The only difference with respect to 2.0.14 is that in 1.5.9 you have to
issue 2 commands manually:
~RESETRECORD (is a menu item (ctrl-r) in the link menu in 2.0.14)
:SETPASSWORD (is automatic after a server update in 2.0.14).
Do you want me to put it in? Do we need a 1.5.10?

Rein PA0R
Just one question: Will this update break the 1.5.9 client?
What I mean is that we have finally reached a stable state with client 1.5.9 and server 1.7.1. Will this mean that 1.5.9 will no longer work with updated servers? If so then I think we need to discuss separating the experimental and stable networks.

73 de Per

Rein Couperus skrev 2012-06-07 14:35:

    The update server procedure for test. You can invoke it by
    hitting menu->link->update server or just crtl-u:

    /PI4TUE 1.8.0-9:22:51-IM1637>/
    /Failed to get your email, pse upload correct email settings./
    /Receiving record/
    /Updated database for PA0R-4/
    /Session password changed!/

    The 'setpassword' and 'update server' routines have been merged.
    To change a password just set a new one on the client and
    re-update the server.
    The server caches the mail record until you reset it (with ctrl-r).

    **Test versions of server (1.8.0) and client (2.0.14) implementing
    have been uploaded to the download site.**

    <Explanation for newbies>
    /Why all this hassle with passwords?/
    /PSKmail has been optimized for narrow band operation, which means
    it has /
    /to be very efficient with its protocols./
    /To prevent the client from having to upload the mail data record
    again for /
    /every session, the server caches the data./
    /The drawback of this scheme is that everybody connecting the
    server using your /
    /callsign can get your mail (userid and password are cached on the
    /To prevent this the client and server exchange session cookies,
    which only /
    /succeeds if you have set the right secret password on the client./
    /The servers do not exchange mail records, and there is no central
    /When you are very paranoid, you could set a different password
    for each server you use./
    </Explanation for newbies>

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