[pskmail] Re: Aw: Re: Server stomping on client.

  • From: Steve <stevez@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 09 May 2012 18:29:44 +1000

Ah, it's great that at least two other stations have seen the same problem (and it's not just my insanity).

I'm leaning toward John's advice on going back to the stable version, I might as well test your fixes before I do.

Where do I download this file? The download site doesn't show a new file name. I did do a md5sum of the new pskmail_server-1.6.5.tar and an old one (of the same file name) I had laying around and they did come out different, so it looks like the file contents have changed even if the file name hasn't. The new archive has rflinkserver.pl and arq.pm last touched April 25.
Do I have the correct archive?

Thanks for any hints,


On 05/09/2012 05:29 PM, Rein Couperus wrote:
I have had the same issues here. I debugged it and changed the code.
Uploaded to http://pskmail.org yesterday (pskmail_server-1.6.5alpha).
Pse try this one first, it been tested succesfully on PI4TUE.

Rein PA0R


There is something wrong with the behaviour of the code there. This is not the behaviour that is intended.

Can you try the stable version 1.5.0 from the www.pskmail.org <http://www.pskmail.org> download site instead of the alpha and see what behaviour you get, otherwise we have too many variables and we will be chasing our tail.

73, John

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 9:11 PM, Steve <stevez@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    OK, with the server txdelay set to 8, I get an almost perfect
    client/server session. It does still want to talk over the top of
    the client, but it seems to be only taking out post-amble now.
    I'm going to up the time to 10 or 12 and see how it goes.

    The sorry, wrong password problem is very annoying though. If I
    delete my record on the server (using the perl script to delete my
    callsign, or just brut-force "rm rflink_users.db"), I can update
    database from the client and operate perfectly. As soon as I
    disconnect and reconnect though, I get the dreaded "sorry, wrong
    password" problem and nothing I can do will change that from the
    client side :-(

    Still, I'm almost enjoying this challenge ;-)

    Thanks again,


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