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  • From: Klaus Lohmann <dl4oah@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 09:52:35 +0100


I agree with the difficulty of maintaining 2 versions, but as long as version two can only handle the default soundcard (at least the windows version), it is not usable on an every day basis. Nobody wants to change the defalult soundcard every time before using another application.

Probably it is due to what the available libraries offer, but there must be a solution, as fldigi is much more transparent in this aspect.

If this is all nonsens, please forget it und blame it to my very limited knowledge of java and c/c++ :-( .

73, Klaus

Am 04.12.2012 09:02, schrieb Rein Couperus:

tnx for the screen shot, it shows that the message you are sending is empty...
(it only contains 6 bytes, which will be line with the the '-end-'.)
I suspect this is because you are still using verion 1.5.10, I have been using
a version 2 client for the last 2 years...

I will try to test today with 1.5.10. It is a bit of a nightmare to have
to maintain 2 versions of the same software, it really puts the brakes on the project.


Rein PA0R

I removed the "#" as instructed and I tried to send you a mail. It did not work and I am not seeing a list of the servers.
I included a screen shot, I hope that it helpful.
Very 73 de Glenn Wb2LMV

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 5:07 PM, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


    it is a bit difficult to do this remote debugging when I cannot
    see what happens :-)

    Can you do another try?
    The piece of code checking if the server is known sits in
    rflinkserver.pl <http://rflinkserver.pl>,
    starting line 1801:
    1801} elsif ($to =~ /(.*)\@(\S+)/) { # mbox at other server;
    1802my $check = checkserver($2);
    1803 #print "CHECK=", $check, "\n";

    Can you remove the '#' in line 1803 and do it again?
    You will get the value of CHECK= printed on the server...
    If that is not '1' we have to look further...


    Yes Rein, I see the list in the .internetcalls document, I'm still
    unable to get a local mail to you. With compression checked I get
    Server Unknown and with compression unchecked I get Could Not Find...

    On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 11:43 AM, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx
    <http://rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        Hi Glenn,

        when I checked this morning your server had not updated the
        list, it is there now.
        You can check which servers are known by doing a 'cat
        The server tries to update the lsit of known servers on top of
        every hour...


        Here is the long and short of it:
        When trying to send a local mail through a distant server
        through pskmail.org <http://pskmail.org>  if I have the
        compression checked under the preferences/edit/email settings,
        I get the error message "Server unknown", and that is with my
        own server as well, my server is unknown to itself.
        If I uncheck the compression button I get the error message
        "Cannot find..." I am using the stable client 1.5.10
        Also the server list that used to appear at the top of the
        rflinkserver window is no longer there. My connection to
        pskmail.org <http://pskmail.org> is ok when checking via:
        pskmail.org <http://pskmail.org> 8888 ~list ALL.
        Very 73 to all de Glenn WB2LMV

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