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  • From: "Rein Couperus" <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 17:13:52 +0100 (CET)

What was the exact error message?
Did you see PI4TUE in the list of known servers?


I tried to send you a mail using PA0R@PI4TUE and my server responded printing "Could Not Find...."
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Very 73 de Glenn WB2LMV

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 10:04 AM, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Glenn,

you just address the mail to PA0R@PI4TUE, connect to your server and Send.
The server looks at the addressee and 
* if the mail is addressed to PA0R@xxxxxxxxx it sends it to that address via smtp
* if the mail is addressed to PA0R@WB2LMV  it delevers the mail to local
* if the mail is addressed to PA0R@PI4TUE it first tries to deliver to pskmail.org
when that does not work it tries to connect PI4TUE via HF to deliver the mail.

Server 2.0.3 already contains everything you need, it is available at pskmail.org.
You can test if the socket at pskmail.org is available by doing:
telnet pskmail.org 8888
~list ALL
 The hub will give you the list of connected servers and disconnect.
You can check the frequency list of any connected server with

I am now working on a web form which will allow internet users to send 
local mail to e.g. N2TIF@xxxxxxxxx this could come in handy during an 
emergency. Provided the data center in Paris which hosts pskmail.org is still 
operational :-)


Rein PA0R
Thank you very much for this info. Would it be possible for me to send a local mail to you in Europe? When I want to leave a local mail I do so eg N2TIF@WB2LMV ...so to leave you a mail how is it addressed? PA0R@WB2LMV@PI4TUE?
How do we the server ops open port 888? I know how to do it using Windoz but not Linux. Do I need to download an additional program to make my server fully functional? If yes, where may I get the program. www.pskmail.org?
Thanks Rein, John, and Paar for all your hard work. It just keeps getting better and better.
Very 73 de Glenn WB2LMV

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 3:18 AM, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Glenn,

I have developed a special hub program on pskmail.org, which has various functions:
* gather routing data from connected servers
* gather frequency tables from connected servers
* forward mail from server to server

The program uses a telnet socket on the pskmail.org server (BTW, the server 
is a high availability server in a data center in Paris), which uses a propriatory 
REST protocol, i.e. there is no continuous connection...

The sending server sends the local mail as a file in the pskmail DTN format, 
which is stored in the hub. All connected servers check every 5 minutes 
if there is mail for them, which will then be downloaded and removed...

The only thing the server sysop has to do is make sure port 8888 is granted 
outgoing access in the firewall in case you run one... The hub will never 
try to connect a server from the outside.

Of course this only works if the internet connection is present at the server.
In case the internet connection fails, the server will try to send the local mail 
to the destination server via the HF channel, which is nice in an emergency situation.
Only 1 hop is foreseen at the moment, as the footprint of the servers is very large.

For groups who do not want to use the pskmail.org hub, the hub program is 
available so everyone can set up their own (the hub program is public domain (GPL)).
The server sysops can then put the alternative hub address into their pskmailrc.pl.

Hope this is what you wanted to know :-)


Rein PA0R

I have just installed the Server 2.0.3 and if I am understanding this correctly, it is now possible to send you a local mail through my server using PA0R@PI4TUE then drop it off on my server? And yes, I do have an Internet connection. If so, this is huge! How does the server send the mail to the pskmail.org site?
Very 73, Glenn WB2LMV

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 10:35 AM, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
When you want to send local mail to somebody on a server you can not reach directly, you can use another server to forward your mail to the destination. E.g. you want to send local mail to PA0R@PI4TUE, but you can not work PI4TUE... then drop the mail off at e.g. 9A1CRA. If both 9A1CRA and PI4TUE have a working internet connection, 9A1CRA will send your message to a forwarding server on pskmail.org.

Servers with version 2.0.2 and higher will look every 5 minutes if there is mail waiting for them, and retrieve and store the mail. This way you could send mail for N2TIF@WB2LMV via KB2PNM. 
When one of the stations has no internet connection the servers will try to forward the message over the air. This works with 1 hop only, as the HF footprint of the servers is enormous. I think this feature will be interesting for EMCOMM users...
All this is still experimental, so reports are welcome on the mailing list...

jPSKmail-2.0.22 is a self-contained program running on the java jvm.
The code is beta, and there are still some rough edges, but if it is only tested @PA0R we will never finish it...

The new server, 2.0.3 includes adaptations for the use in the MARS network, and some bug fixes.

In case there is a need to set up another grouping instead of the pskmail.org forwarder, 
pse contact me directly for the software, it is GPL as usual... 

Pse send test results to the pskmail mailing list on freelists.org.


Rein PA0R

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