[pskmail] Re: Aw: Re: Re: GPS signal loss

  • From: victor maddex <vmaddex@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 11:13:32 +0100

Hello Rein,
I have had a go with this, I do not appear to be able to save the setting, if I 
tick the box, then go to preferences and save, close the program and re open 
it, the tick box is un checked.
After ticking the box, do you have to restart for it to be active?.
Thanks for your help
From: rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx
To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [pskmail] Aw: Re:  Re: GPS signal loss
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 17:18:34 +0200

Hi Vic,


I have added a checkbox to the APRS tab of jpskmail-1.8 allowing you to block 

beaconing in case there is no APRS fix. 

Also, the POS. button on the main tab now says: POS. (NoFIX) in case 

there is no fix. It was a bit difficult to test this, as I still had a fix with 

GPS hidden behind the central heating in the living room :-)

But it worked.


I don't get an error frame when I disconnect the GPS (just a warning that there 

is no fix...


I have uploaded a new javapskmail.jar (version 1.8) to 

for testing


BTW, also made some changes to the Preferences dialogue, which reacts much 
faster now.


Happy testing,


Rein PA0R


Hello Rein,


My GPS is connected to the serial port on my windows XP laptop PC, it appears 
GPSD is not available for windows, so I still have the problem when the signal 
is lost.


I this something that can be addressed ?


Thanks for the advise on the modes, I do not think the version of fldigi I am 
using has DominoEx22 available, I wonder how many servers and clients that are 
active that may support this mode, I do not want to put myself in a situation 
where I am using a good mode that only a few stations are capable of receiving.


I will be running a mobile station with the usual compromised antenna's, I will 
need all the help I can get.


Thanks for your help.








From: rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx

To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: [pskmail] Aw: Re: GPS signal loss

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 10:37:43 +0200




when you use gpsd (and xgps) to feed the pskmail client there is no 

problem with a blocking error message, I run the xgps display on

screen when I use the gps...


From my experience the best mode for beaconing is DominoEx22.

The advantages of this mode are manifold, the most important being

* More sensitive than PSK modes (I would always prefer PSK500R over PSK250)

* 100% duty cycle, so more "bang for the buck"

* Insensitive to frequency drift of the TRX (within 200 Hz or so...), 

   especially important for unattended systems...

My next generation arq protocol will use DominoEx extensively.


Rein PA0R



Hello Per,


thanks for the quick reply, I guess it depends if you have a dumb GPS receiver, 
in my case it has a display and will tell me when it is out of lock, it will be 
on the dash in front of me, there is usually nothing you can do about it, other 
than wait for the sky to be seen again, I recall some of the dumb GPS receivers 
have a lock light, but they are not always visible.


The status bar message idea would at least let someone know if a fix is not 
found, or a red/green box on the APRS screen, where the fixes received counter 
is would help users without a GPS display.


I have been running the system up over the weekend and spotted the issue, 
everything else is looking good so far.


Not sure how long any change would take to implement, we will be departing in 
four weeks. 


Do you have any experience as to the best setting for beacons to use, would 
psk250 be better than psk500, I recall this is the default when mode is set to 
mail/aprs ?. 


Thanks for your help





Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 13:18:12 +0200

From: per@xxxxxxxxxxxx

To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: [pskmail] Re: GPS signal loss

Hi Victor,

Yes, I can confirm that it does that and we've discussed that issue before. We 
never really came to a conclusion about what to do about it but perhaps it is 
time to just change it. I could change the behaviour to not show a message box 
while gps is unlocked. That would probably mean no beacon should be sent when 
gps is enabled but not receiving current location, beacon should be sent when 
there is a fix again.

Downside could be that somebody could think they have GPS and tracking but 
doesn't if there is no fix, perhaps a status bar message would suffice?

This would work pretty much like when using other software, xastir for instance.

73, Per


victor maddex skrev 2014-09-29 13:06:



I am running jpskmail 1.5.29, I have noticed that if I loose GPS signal for a 
few minutes, a box appears indicating this has occurred, it appears that 
beaconing stops, no new fixes are updated until the ok box is acknowledged.


Is it possible that the software could just wait and carry on when GPS signal 
is restored, or does it do this but freezes the screen only. I can see that I 
may loose GPS signal on my next trip, ( going through long tunnels or in a 
forest ) I may not be able to operate the PC and acknowledge this message to 
resume operation, this would leave large gaps in my track and mean I will have 
to have the PC mounted where I can monitor it constantly. 


I hope there may be a setting to disable this.


Thanks for your help.






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