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  • From: victor maddex <vmaddex@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 15:50:53 +0100

Hello Andy,
thanks, been tearing my hair out with this today, where is the configuration 
xml located? or what is it called ?.
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 14:47:48 +0000
From: iv3onz@xxxxxxxx
To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [pskmail] Re: Aw: Re:  Re:  1.8.1 in use

    Hi all,

      it seems that jPSKmail 1.8.1 don't save the Igate call and so
      sometimes the Igate don't work, but opening the configuration.xml
      file and manual setting the I-gate call, then it works.


      73 de Andy IV3ONZ



      Il 24/10/2014 9.39, Rein Couperus ha scritto:

        Strange, it works o.k. here (se attached screen pic).
        One peculiarity using the Igate is that you must use a
          different Igate call

          for every server or Igate, the APRS backbone does not allow
          multiple connections for one call.
        In Europe, use the euro.aprs2.net server. It provides a
          rotating connection which prevents
        too heavy load on a specific server.
        The netherlands.aprs2.net server is down momentarily
          because the university building
        has been sold (for the same reason PI4TUE does not exist
        Rein PA0R
                    Hello Rein,


                      sorry to have so many questions, I am working on
                      multiple systems and they have different issues
                      with all of them.


                      I may revert back to a 1.x system at work then, as
                      long as we can get the igate working.


                      I have 1.8.1 at the home location, unfortunately
                      when I upgraded from 1.5.26 to 1.8.1, the
                      Igate will not connect, it was working well with
                      the old version, I have entered an igate call sign
                      and ticked the status box, but nothing happens, if
                      I go to preferences and save, then close and
                      open jpskmail, the igate call and tick boxed are
                      no longer there, could this be a compatibility
                      issue with the old config file and the
                      later version?, or is the igate function no longer


                      I am trying to create another igate that supports
                      dominox to help the system.  




                        From: rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx

                        To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

                        Subject: [pskmail] Aw: Re: 1.8.1 in use

                        Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 10:19:31 +0200

                          unfortunately jpskmail version 2 does not
                            support DominoEx,

                            as the modem is not available in java
                          That is the main reason why I am
                            concentrating on version 1 with fldigi at
                            the moment...
                          Rein PA0R
                                    Hi Rein,


                                      thanks for the information, I have
                                      a copy of jpskmail 2.1.0-f running
                                      on a PC at my work location, I was
                                      hoping to leave this running as an
                                      additional gate for traffic, it
                                      has been running for some time now
                                      and seems to work well, is there a
                                      newer version of this second
                                      generation software that supports
                                      domino ?.






                                        To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                        Subject: [pskmail] Aw: 1.8.1 in

                                        Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 14:25:37

                                          9A1CRA and OE5RTL are
                                            supporting DominoEx modes.
                                            You can check that easily
                                            using the 'ping'
                                          and  Inquiry ('ctrl-I')
                                            commands. Set the client to
                                            DOMEX22 mode, set the server
                                            call and do a ctrl-I.
                                          When the particular
                                            server hears you you will
                                            get a confirmation. Be sure
                                            to set TXrsid ON in fldigi.
                                          You can make the client
                                            stay in DomEx mode by
                                            setting the proper default
                                            mode in
                                          It helps to send pings at
                                            the start of the minute
                                            (around X+10s), then the
                                            server has a minute 
                                          left before it changes
                                            mode again after receiving
                                            your TXid.
                                          When afloat, you can set
                                            the computer time using the
                                            'latest fix time' on the
                                            APRS tab.
                                          Depending on the time of
                                            day and the distance to the
                                            server, you will see that
                                            DomEx modes 
                                          suffer less from
                                            multipath distortion than
                                            PSKxxxR modes. They are also
                                            less crytical 
                                          with respect to frequency
                                          You can see which servers
                                            are active on 
                                          You may be too close to
                                            many of the German/Dutch
                                          Your APRS page shows you
                                            are being heard by 9A1CRA...
                                          Rein PA0R



                                                      I have 1.8.1 and
                                                      the latest fldigi
                                                      in use for our
                                                      trip in a couple
                                                      of weeks, all
                                                      working as


                                                      I can see the
                                                      dominox modes are
                                                      now available, and
                                                      thought that it
                                                      may be worth
                                                      trying this for
                                                      APRS, I went into
                                                      the mode tab in
                                                      jpskmail and
                                                      selected a dominox
                                                      mode, fldigi
                                                      changed mode, but
                                                      shortly after it
                                                      changed back to
                                                      500R before the
                                                      beacon time came
                                                      round. How would I
                                                      make it stay in
                                                      the selected


                                                      I am currently
                                                      only seeing
                                                      beacons from two
                                                      servers OE5RTL and
                                                      9A1CRA, are they
                                                      the only ones on


                                                      Do these have code
                                                      versions in use
                                                      that will allow
                                                      decode of the
                                                      domiox modes?


                                                      I was just
                                                      thinking that if I
                                                      get time, and
                                                      changing modes is
                                                      not too difficult,
                                                      I could try this
                                                      mode at some point
                                                      to see if there is
                                                      any difference in


                                                      Thanks for any






73 de Andrea "Andy" IV3ONZ                                        

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