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  • Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 22:31:24 +0100

Yes Rain the idea was to show them how to use the client instead of using an
expensive Pactor modem solution.
It must be due to my problems with ""Error 40" (40 cm from the screen) that
I am not able to get the 2.0.30 working on my Windows system. I think I will
buy a case of beer (is it ok with Danish beer?) and bring my computer,
interface and rig with me and visit you in Holland ;-)


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Gunnar, I guess your 'sailor customers' are using clients, not servers.

There has been a working solution for clients without fldigi for 2 years
the latest is version 2.0.31. I have tested this /M from Spain for 2 months
and never had a problem with it.
This means we will drop the version 1 client completely, and only support
the V2 client 
in future. It contains all the modems you need, and it is a nice compact
Remote (CAT) control is being done with hamlib, both on windows and Linux, 
and this seems to stable as well. So there is no need anymore for the V1
What is being done on the client front at the moment is to work on  version
which is merely a major code cleaning operation in order to make the whole

inherently more stable than it is now.... To give you an idea,
I've had 0 problems with 2.0.31 for the whole of my stay here.... we just
want to 
make sure this happens on ALL platforms, not just on Linux :)

As to the server, this will be a combination of the perl server code, 

hamlib, and the java V2 modem. The java V2 modem is the same as in the V2 
client, but includes a TCP/IP port for connection to the server.
It implements all the goodies we have in fldigi, like S/N reporting etc...
The server does NOT use the modem for frequency control, but hamlib.
(This was also the case with fldigi by the way, the server uses rigctl
The only thing we have to do is provide a production quality version of the 
separate V2 modem, which I have tested at home, but never got around to 
put it in a real world environment. This will be the stuff i will be doing 
when I come home next week :)

As the V2 modem is NOT planned to go into the client (the client has the 
modems built in already), things like RSID handling are different from those

in the client, as the server plays a different role...

So, summing it up, the V2 client is ready for prime time, the V2 modem for 
the server still needs some tweaking... but it won't take long :)
It is important for the project that we concentrate on 1 type of modem, 
which is used on windows, linux and Android. We don't have testing 
capacity to throw away....


Rein EA/PA0R/M

On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 6:48 PM, Gunnar Bulukin <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> No I have not told anyone on fldigi mailing lists.
> This issue has been around for a long time and Rein and Per has tried to
> inform the people behind fldigi with no result.

Last year, I had a talk with John Douyere to fix a bug in fldigi, as I
learned it by chance only:


This time I was not aware of this problem.

> The script that Rein made works but the change should be done in fldigi
> not with workarounds in Pskmail.
> There was a discussion before that pskmail never will work with fldigi due
> to pskmail and there was nothing wrong with fldigi!

I heard of this kind of argument a long time ago and I agree with you.
To be honest I am not very happy about the way code changes are
progressing in fldigi. I added the Fax and Navtex modems and it took
months to see them released. Same for small ug fixes. Now I have added
a Synop decoded. It works OK on Linux and I would like to release it
as an unstable version to Windows users: No way: I am waiting for
several months for just a couple of hours of work. I started this
Synop decoded more end of 2011. Sometimes, this is getting very boring
for me too. I would have liked to help for your problem, but as I
told, the information does not flow.

> I am not the person to know what is right or wrong but one thing I know is
> that trying to teach the group of sailors, that I work with, how to get
> Pskmail up and running is worthless, mostly because I can not get it up
> running myself.
> They know most everything about how to sail but computer knowhow is low.
> If Pskmail should reach more people then "computernurds" it must be much
> easier to install and work.
> I think that the V2 version is the way to go.
> It took me one hour to get RMS Express using Winmore with both a
> and a SB-2000 working.
> It was with getting the new xxx@winlink mail address and doing the
> radioconfirmation (via Telnet!) to get it up running the other night when
> had a radiocourse at the club.

I would love to learn to do that !

> I did not know anything before from using that system but the club members
> needed to learn how-to!!
> To get V2 up running we could each test a specific part of it, for example
> different rigs and interfaces, under the supervision of Per and Rein and
> give the test results back to them. That way we would take some load of
> there shoulders, and having to buy Rein beer would not be so expensive ;-)
> Skype meeting???

I am at work unfortunately :)

> 73 de Gunnar
> PS. I know that most of this maybe a Windows problem but putting Ubuntu in
> the hands of a sailor will only give the "support team" headache. DS.

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>> But I think that the version using fldigi is too unsafe so I am trying to
> get the V2 working.
> Have you told one of the fldigi mailing lists ?
> Maye someone is working on the problem ? Unfortunately there does not seem
> to be much information and collaboration on these lists, which would
> help.
> Have you considered freezing a stable version of fldigi in your own
> repository ?

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