[pskmail] Re: Aw: Re: 2.0.13 Bug #5: Strange audio port selection

  • From: Ian Wade G3NRW <g3nrw-radio@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:39:38 +0100

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From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012   Time: 10:32:25

The 'Primary Audio Capture Device' is the default built-in soundcard 
input mixer line for windows. That one is definitely going to work

No it doesn't. If you use the default device, the Windows sound effects will find their way onto the transmitted audio as well as the pskmail audio tones. You should *never* use the Windows default device for data comms.

I would first try to set the external sound card to default by means of the 
windows sound manager tool (part of the standard mixer, lets you choose
the device),
and look what happens...

See my comment above. I want to use the USB Audio Codec as the *non*-default driver.

If all fails there are 3 more options:
* Dual boot windows with Lubuntu 12.04 (my favourite) and run psmail
under linux

No thanks. I want to run Windows.[1]

* A puppy 5.1.1 boot USB stick with a 4 GB mem card holding the 
DXpedition Disk software (see http://dxpeditiondisk.wikispaces.com/)

I tried this a few days ago. After 15 minutes I couldn't get the I/O working, so I ditched the idea.

* Cygwin linux on the windows machine

No thanks. I want to run Windows.[1]

[1] Don't get me wrong. My OS of choice is Linux. I have worked in investment banking IT for many years, where the *server* OS of choice is usually Linux. But the *client* OS of choice these days is turning back to Windows, because everyone knows Windows (or Windows work-alikes on tablets, cellphones etc). Yes, Windows is more expensive, Windows is resource-hungry, but that is what the client wants and understands.

With pskmail under Windows you should be able to install the client, click on a few configuration buttons, and be up and running in ten minutes. When setting up pskmail in Windows, I don't want to see a list of /dev/ttys. I don't want to see some ports listed 3 times, not knowing which instance to select, or why. Or why there is a blank line in the dropdown list of devices. Or why the message "is fldigi running?" appears -- what does fldigi have to do with 2.0.13?

And the setup process needs to be intuitive -- you shouldn't have to read a long PDF manual to get the basic things started. Pskmail client setup is not intuitive.

Sorry, I think pskmail is a great concept, but it will never really take off with "ordinary" users until you make the client *work* like Windows in a Windows environment. Redesign the client GUI with *users* in mind (in your spare time :-) and it will really fly.

Ian, G3NRW

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