[pskmail] Re: Aw: Perl-Message Server 1.8.0

  • From: Klaus Lohmann <dl4oah@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2012 17:36:55 +0200


regarding " (probably because there was none...).":

First connect: : findupasswd-message, but finally "Auth ok..."
Disconnect - second connect: NO findupasswd-message, also "Auth ok...".

No "Update Record" before or in between and of course noch change in the client. The session pw must have been there and unchanged all the time.

73, Klaus DL4OAH

Am 06.08.2012 17:15, schrieb Rein Couperus:
The $findupassword is a legacy name, it used to contain the password findu requires to receive positions via email... That function is not used anymore, and I use
the record in the database to store the session pw.
The error message generated shows that in this case the server could not find
the session password in the database (probably because there was none...).

~ABORTSEND is an internal command which makes the server jump out
of an email receive when it has not ended properly during the last session.

Rein PA0R

Hello again.

I see lines in the server protocol below I don't quite understand:

.... $findupassword ...: something wrong or missing in pskmailrc.pl? Or
can it simply be ignored?
~ABORTSEND : where does this come from or why is it?

73, Klaus

14:06 UTC Aug-6-2012: > Connect: DL4OAH:1024 DL4OAH-8:24 67653d

Call valid
Final connect status: Asymmetric link:1 , tx mode: PSK500R , rx mode:
14:06 UTC Aug-6-2012: Added DL4OAH to link list
14:06 UTC Aug-6-2012: �1%kDL4OAH-8:24 DL4OAH:1024 5246B�4%s E54A�
14:06 UTC Aug-6-2012:

14:06 UTC Aug-6-2012: > Status : last=0 good=0 end=0 missing=
Server's rx s2n: 100 , averaged: 84.837037037037
Client's rx s2n: 100 , averaged: 97.1285215119327
TX=PSK500R , RX=PSK500R , T=0 LQ=0 BL=5
Up-speed to TX:PSK500 , RX: PSK500R
OK, Status received
14:06 UTC Aug-6-2012: Call DL4OAH o.k.
Use of uninitialized value $findupassword in string eq at
/usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 3511.
Use of uninitialized value $findupassword in string eq at
/usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 3511.
14:06 UTC Aug-6-2012: Connected to DL4OAHNo session password defined
sh: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string

Stationname =DL4OAH
Mail count =2
DL4OAH-8 1.8.0-14:6:29-IM1030>
2 mails.

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