[pskmail] Re: Aw: No more client stomping!

  • From: "Andrew O'Brien" <k3ukandy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 20:31:48 -0400

Do I still have to do that weird :SETPASSWORD and Update server stuff
when I connect to a new server ?

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 5:04 AM, Ian Bennett <ibennett@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Could you change the "Cannot find any mail" message to reflect what the
> server is really trying to say??
> I think the old "please update your record" was more intuitive and would be
> more meaningful when fault finding.
> Ian
> On 10/05/12 00:05, Rein Couperus wrote:
>> To do the ultimate test of the śorry, wrong password' problem,
>> I have just tested the following:
>> * Using pskmail_server-1.6.5 on PI4TUE (the same as on the download page).
>> * Using jpskmail-2.0.11 on the desktop (no flidig)
>> 1.: Set my call to PA0R-3 in Pref->user data->Callsign
>> 2: Made sure there is a password in Pref->User data->Session password
>> 3.: Connected to PI4TUE
>> 4.: Menu->Link->Update server (or ctrl-U)
>> 5.: Disconnected.
>> Here is the screen dump:
>> ======================================
>> PI4TUE 1.6.5-13:54:43-IM321>
>> Cannot find any mail
>> Auth ok...
>> iving record
>> Updated database for PA0R-3
>> =>>1129,af0c134ad1cc918e8e4601bf26136f80ad0e57
>> Session password changed!
>> Your mail: 19217
>> 1 How-To Geek Supercharge Ubuntus Unity Dash with Lenses & Scopes: 5
>> Lens 26543
>> 2 Greg Mossop [pskmail] Re: Server stability test 4663
>> 3 Glenn Roeser Roeser [p
>> =======================================
>> This is for a first-time entry.
>> If you already have a (false) record, do a Link->Reset mail record'
>> before the
>> server update. The server first deletes the record, and then accepts a
>> new one.
>> As soon as the Úpdated database for' is received, the client sends
>> the new session password cookie, which is then also confirmed by the
>> server.
>> Sorry, I cannot make it any easier... no sysop intervention is
>> reequired, it is all done
>> from the client.
>> Rein PA0R
>> Hello all,
>> The new 1.6.5 (noted Rein has now bumped the archive version for dummies
>> like me who got confused) server code seems to fix the server talking
>> over the client. I just experienced a number of pleasant connects, send
>> mail and disconnect sequences. It's a beautiful thing to behold when it
>> works like it does now. Thanks for the new server Rein.
>> Now, for the "sorry, wrong password" problem, and other notes.
>> 1. I remember the server used to ask you to "pls update database" if it
>> didn't know who you were. Now it just says "cannot find any mail". Now,
>> I'm not sure if this is just a language thing, but this does not seem
>> like an error of any kind. It's telling me (English as my first, and
>> unfortunately only, language) that I have no email. My intuition is to
>> just stop here as I don't have any email to read.
>> 2. I need to hit the "update server" button twice for it to get all
>> packets sent. You're probably thinking that I didn't wait long enough,
>> but I swear that when I hit the button once, the client sends data 1,2,3
>> and only when I hit it a second time will it send data 4,5,6. The
>> client/server do the normal two-and-fro keep-alive if I don't hit it a
>> second time.
>> 3. Sometimes the "update database" button won't work at all. I can press
>> it to my hearts' content after a connect and it just won't send the data
>> - the client won't even try. It's like the button is ignored.
>> 4. After a database update, the client never displays a "database
>> updated" in the terminal window - even though the server log shows it
>> happened.
>> 5. I know how to get yourself stuck in the "sorry, wrong password"
>> tangle every time. First, connect and do an update database. Do not do a
>> :SETPASSWORD. The entry in the rflink_users.db file will have NONE for
>> the session/aprs password. Now disconnect, and reconnect. Doing a
>> :SETPASSWORD will never be allowed. You MUST do your initial update
>> database, and :SETPASSWORD during the first connected session or you're
>> screwed for good on that server. Yep, even if you go and delete the
>> session password in the client. You will never be able to use that
>> server unless the sysop intervenes.
>> 6. I'm seeing problems in 1.5.8 client not displaying mail in the
>> headers list, etc. I wonder if that's just my JVM or some such
>> (jre1.6.0_20)?
>> I know I've made some bold claims above - I'd really like to be proven
>> wrong on all of them!
>> Steve.

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