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  • Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 22:11:10 +0100

Hi Rein,
I just found out that and remembered that setting from a discussion that Per
and I had some time time ago. But the memory is not what it used to bee;-)
73 de Gunnar


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It may help to add yourself (the user) to the 'dialout' group, the latest 

debian/ubuntu systems seem to need it, they are default owned by root.

You can list the names of the ports and its owners by:
ls -l /dev | grep tty

Rein PA0R

Out of the questions with pskmail I have an other question!
I am configuring a Rastberry Pi to be tested as a navcomputer.
I have downloaded an compiled OpenCPN for Debian and everything works
perfect exept that I can not get the usbport for the GPS/AIS to work.
Knowing nothing about Linus/Debian this is a problem ;-)
On a Ubuntu system that works directly.
When selecting port for the device I have only ttyusb0 but I don´t get
anything in.
Is there a program that I can run to test the different ports?
Anyone got any idea exept to read tfm?
73 de Gunnar

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