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      Although I will be on vacation starting at the end of next week, maybe 
some we can do some testing on antennas. Although I live on a small suburban 
lot, I would be more than willing to try out some different antennas. I will 
also post pictures of each if some pskmailers want to do it.

Maybe start with what is up now, take it down and put up a vertical, maybe a 
coupler fed random predominately horizontal wire, etc (other ideas are welcome).

Set 3 or 4 different times to connect, get signal strength ect. on each antenna.

Even though each antenna and location perform differently, we may be able to 
identify the most effective antenna for this application (unfortunately, this 
may not be the most effective for all locations).

Let me know, I would be more than happy to do this.



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I am using a 30 meter dipole up about 35 feet and about 40 watts. Major
lobes are northeast and southwest.


alan wrote:
> Mike,
> I am using a 30 meter double bazooka (basically a dipole) about 30 feet
> up and using about 20 watts.  I can only see WB5CON on a regular basis
> and usually nothing after 9pm.  Maybe I should set up a vertical.
> Alan KD4QCL

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