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  • Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 19:31:03 +0300

On Mon, 09 Apr 2007 13:32:21 +0200, Per Crusefalk wrote
> Hi Walt,
> That sounds like an interesting setup. The only problem I see with 
> it is transporting all those pipes. I will go to the hardware store 
> and see if there is any telescoping support that I can use. I know 
> they have long telescoping handles for garden saws (for cutting 
> branches high up in trees) and I may find something usable there. 
> I'll have a look at PVC pipes as well while I'm there (I made the 
> T2FD spreaders from 1" pipes).
> 73 de Per, sm0rwo

Hi Per,

You could also buy a 6 - 9 meter fiberglass fishing pole and support the top
of your dipole as high as 5 or 8 meters depending on the pole you buy. These
pole cost around 20 EUROS in my country. There is also a nice 10 meter fishing
pole made from DK9SQ (I have 2 of them on for a 1 ELEMENT 40 - 10 meter QUAD
and the other for a dipole), but this is reinforced with graphite and it is
somehow conductive hence you cannot use it for a vertical wire wrapped around
it a few times a huge vertical coil. 

Now you can easily make an 80 - 10 meters dipole using 22 meters loudspeaker
wire (the cooper could be as small as 1mm - 1.5mm thick) by separating 13.4
meters to form the dipole leaving the unseparated 8.8 meters as a 75 OHM
twinlead as a feeder (instead of open wire). You could tie the dipole at about
7 meters from the bottom of the fishing pole with 2 cable ties, in order to
make a 26.8 meters long INVERTED V. Of course you would need an ATU. A small L
type would have no problem in tuning this antenna in all bands from 80 - 10
meters and I imagine it would also tune on 160 although I have never tried it
on 160.

My favourite is a half version of that using 15.5 meters of loudspeaker wire
separating 6.7 meters and using 8.8 as a feeder tied as far near the top of a
5 meter fishing pole so it does not bend very much at the top and using it as
a 40 - 10 meters INVERTED Vee Dipole when I go mountain trekking with my
FT-817 and a Z-match ATU. The fishing pole is less than 50cm when collapsed
and it all fits in my backpack. It is a very light antenna setup and it takes
only 5 minutes to erect. 

Of course if you feel that the losses of the 8.8 feeder using loudspeaker wire
are unacceptable (I am that bothered) you could always replace it with 300 or
450 OHM open wire but it is heavier. I have tried 300 OHMs (slotted open wire)
and it is not that heavy. Perhaps this is a better solution.

Finally you can support a 10 meter wire making a vertical antenna with one
elevated radial using open wire at the bottom of the antenna and using a
simple ATU again to tune it to most HF bands bands, probably 80 - 10 meters
but if the ATU can take it you could also use it on 160 provided you use a
longer radial bend around, but the secret is to have it elevated. Thsi setup
is good for DX.

Good luck with your antenna projects.

Don't forget that if there isn't any DX you can always go fishing! hi hi hi!!!

73 de Demetre Valaris - SV1UY
e-mail: sv1uy@xxxxxxxxxxx
AX25 PBBS: SV1UY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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