[pskmail] Re: 17m PSKMail

  • From: Bernard Dekok <kc9sgv@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 07:39:27 -0600

Hi Josh,

Am I missing something here ?
I thought all audio frequency centers for PSKMail is 1000 HZ and not 1500
HZ ?
(The standard offset.)
This 1000 HZ offset works with KB2PNM's server.
Might be the reason why I can never connect to your server.....


On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 2:45 PM, Josh Housey <kg9bo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> All,
> I had a quiet weekend and was trying out the 7200 and PSKMail with
> different bands. I primarily did it to ensure I had it set and was able to
> use the "frequency" hopping function like other servers do and maybe to use
> it. Unfortunately, I found the antenna is not doing as well as expected on
> other bands. 20m works for SWRs but inefficient with power (adequate sound
> card audio). Somewhat similar with 40m and 80 isn't very good at all. There
> are likely reasons for it (coax, grounding, etc). I am satisfied it works
> well on 30m. I found that it works just as well for 17m. I didn't get a
> chance to try 12 or 10m. All of its done with the tuner in line but 30m/17
> (20m as well) don't have to adjust to get lower....
> Which brings a question and that being is that is there an interest in
> having PSKMail activity on 17m? The benefit I can see (30m shares it as
> well) is that its a "WARC" band and not susceptible to the multitude of
> contests/other activity that exists on 20m. It could even be a backup for
> 20m for any number of purposes. Anyway, my server is frequency scanning
> between 10.146.5 (audio center 1500hz) = 10.148Mhz and 18.109.5 (audio
> 1500) = 18.111Mhz. Is this a good frequency if there is interest or is
> there another suggestion? I have found both to be relatively quiet and away
> from PSK and possibly RTTY on the band.
> If anyone wants to try 17m, my server is scanning 30m for the first three
> times and then switching and transmitting/receiving on 17m two times for
> the last minutes. Since 17m isn't much of a night band, its only on until
> sunset, where I am then monitoring 30m all night.  I would have liked to do
> 40m/80m there but not working too well (may look into figuring why this
> spring/summer).
> 73
> Josh, AB9FT

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