[pskmail] 17m PSKMail

  • From: Josh Housey <kg9bo@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 12:45:35 -0800 (PST)


I had a quiet weekend and was trying out the 7200 and PSKMail with different 
bands. I primarily did it to ensure I had it set and was able to use the 
"frequency" hopping function like other servers do and maybe to use it. 
Unfortunately, I found the antenna is not doing as well as expected on other 
bands. 20m works for SWRs but inefficient with power (adequate sound card 
audio). Somewhat similar with 40m and 80 isn't very good at all. There are 
likely reasons for it (coax, grounding, etc). I am satisfied it works well on 
30m. I found that it works just as well for 17m. I didn't get a chance to try 
12 or 10m. All of its done with the tuner in line but 30m/17 (20m as well) 
don't have to adjust to get lower....

Which brings a question and that being is that is there an interest in having 
PSKMail activity on 17m? The benefit I can see (30m shares it as well) is that 
its a "WARC" band and not susceptible to the multitude of contests/other 
activity that exists on 20m. It could even be a backup for 20m for any number 
of purposes. Anyway, my server is frequency scanning between 10.146.5 (audio 
center 1500hz) = 10.148Mhz and 18.109.5 (audio 1500) = 18.111Mhz. Is this a 
good frequency if there is interest or is there another suggestion? I have 
found both to be relatively quiet and away from PSK and possibly RTTY on the 

If anyone wants to try 17m, my server is scanning 30m for the first three times 
and then switching and transmitting/receiving on 17m two times for the last 
minutes. Since 17m isn't much of a night band, its only on until sunset, where 
I am then monitoring 30m all night.  I would have liked to do 40m/80m there but 
not working too well (may look into figuring why this spring/summer).

Josh, AB9FT

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