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  • From: David Andrs <pda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 22:37:03 -0700

Hi all!

New beta version ( is available on 

What's New:
- 2 virtual folders (unread, flagged)
- cache manager (simplified)
- better context sensitivity of context menus in article view
   (improved image and link support)
- flagged items have small flag in the top banner in article view
- send links by email (see notes below)
- rewrite rules (see notes below)
- links are opened by default web browser
- user may be notified about new items (can turn off in options, by 
default it is turned on)
- conditional GET is back
- all cached web pages are recoded to UTF-8 so user do not have to 
change the encoding over and over

- today plugin: no new items was displayed in cycling mode
- today plugin: tap did not start pRSSreader (in cycling mode)
- setup: ask to remove settings
   (this will not work when upgrading from to sinceit 
will used the old setup. should work from to :))
- main app: when <pubDate> was empty, prssr crashed
- main app: minor graphical fixes
- main app: progress bar for searching
- main app: autodiscovery respects the encoding of a site


Sending by email:
- by default, prssr uses outlook mail account which is an account for 
synchronizing with exchange server. If you use another mail account as 
default, set the following in the registry:

in [HKCU\Software\DaProfik\pRSSreader-1.4\Configuration] create a value 
named 'Email Service' (without quotes) and set its value to the name of 
the email account you would like to use.

- rewrite rules
The improves rewriting rules by adding support for regular
expressions. Rules has to be specified in a different way then in 1.3.x 
(see examples below). Moreover, the user can specify more than one rule 
per site. If the rules are defined and the page is not cached, prssr 
will use these rules for opening online content.

To set rewrite rule, go File | Properties | Rewriting.

Example #1:
You want to rewrite www.ce4you.cz to mobile.ce4you.cz for all links:
Match pattern: http://www.ce4you.cz/(.+)
Replace with: http://mobile.ce4you.cz/\1

\1 is replaced by the thing that was matched by (.+). pRSSreader 
supports up to 10 substrings: 10 occurences of () in match pattern.

Example #2:
The site is using complicated way for PDA optimized pages. Links of a 
type http://domaci.ihned.cz/c1-([0-9]+)-(.+) points to 

Links of a type http://sport.ihned.cz/c1-([0-9]+)-(.+) points to 

To use this effectively, you need to know regular expressions and you 
need to know how does the mapping from full articles to PDA optimized 
look like. You should be able to map almost everything (there is a limit 
of up to 10 matches for the matching pattern - see example #1).

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