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  • From: "Christopher Greeley" <csgreeley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 19:44:14 -0500

I have upgraded to the 1.3.2.  I tried to run it from my 2G SD card and it 
crashed my PPC6700 (WM5).  It crashed it so bad that I could only get my 6700 
to function after soft-resetting with the SD card removed.  I then had to 
uninstall pRSSreader.

I will try and reload it tomorrow and run it from the main memory.  Perhaps 
that will help.  Any guidance on what went wrong?

Nashville, TN
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  Subject: [prssr-devel-ml] pRSSreader 1.3.2 beta

  Hi all!

  The beta version of pRSSreader 1.3.2 is now available for testing -

  What's new:
  -ADD: Copy Feed Item URL to clipboard
  -ADD: Context menu for Site Manager (Edit, Remove, Copy Feed URL)
  -ADD: Summary View context menu (Mark All Read, Mark All Unread, Copy Feed 
  -ADD: Search feeds in syndic8.com RSS directory (access via XML-RPC)
  -ADD: Copy message text to clipboard
  -ADD: Flag message
  -ADD: When update finished with errors, message box displayed to
  notify user about that fact.
  -ADD: Simple URL rewriting feature
  -ADD: HTML optimizer (None, Skweezer, Custom)
  -ADD: Option - Warn when moving to previous/next channel
  -ADD: EUC-JP codepage
  -ADD: Show flagged items
  -ADD: Up/Down arrow moves to the previous/next message in sequential reading
  -ADD: Buffered file reading/writing (higer performance in disk operations)
  -ADD: Minimal interval between sync events (for cradling)

  -FIX: Space optimalization of menus
  -FIX: Feed titles are searched for keywords
  -FIX: Adding a site splitted into separate dialogs (accessible via menu)
  -FIX: Follows system text settings on Today screen
  -FIX: Update All did not work with pRSSreader running on the background
  -FIX: Improved purging of feed item keys in registry (on start-up)
  -FIX: Improved communication between today plug-in and main app
  -FIX: Reduced CPU load in today plug-in (IPC synchro, loading only
  necessary files, periodical checks replaced with FS notifications)
  -FIX: When site properties were changed (File | Properties), they were
  not saved.
  -FIX: Better feed items hash keys registry handling
  -FIX: When updating, changes are displayed after caching
  -FIX: libexpat patch: malloc/free/realloc replaced with
  LocalAlloc/LocalFree/LocalReAlloc (possible source of memory leaks)
  -FIX: Updating procedure refactored
  -FIX: Major code clean-ups
  -FIX: memory allocations made by malloc/realloc/free are done via
  -FIX: Cache moving is done in thread
  -FIX: When trying to set cache/enclosure folder to program files or
  windows dir -> user is alerted
  -FIX: Possibility to move the cache content or not
  -FIX: Hangup after cradling

  What needs to be tested:
  - EUC-JP was not tested, I have no response from a guy who requested
  it, thus I do not know if it is working correctly - but probably,
  there are no one who could test it. If so, let me know about
  - Memory leaks: those of you who encountered memory leaks, let me know
  if the problem is gone or not.
  - Update: I made some changes in updated process. The problem of 'Some
  files were not cached' is not related to those changes.
  - Today plugin: There are major changes in today plug-in, CPU load
  should be at minimum (if you have large OPML file, the load of CPU is
  higher - of course.

  About new features:
  * URL rewriting
  If some site provides content optimized for pda, you can define simple
  URL rewritting rule to get this content. Example:  www.ce4you.cz ->
  mobile.ce4you.cz. You will find this in Site properties, Channel tab.

  * HTML optimizer
  You can use Skweezer to optimize HTML content downloaded to you PDA.
  Skweezer reduces size of the HTML files you are downloading. You can
  also define you custom HTML optimizer if you use some...

  * Minimal interval between sync events (for cradling)
  Configurable via registry key
  HKCU\Software\DaProfik\pRSSreader\Today\MinimalSyncInterval (DWORD),
  in minutes

  The value 15 means that if you make 2 cradlings within 15 minutes,
  only the first event will trigger the update.

  Just for reminding:
  - report each bug in a single mail,
  - describe a problem in details, include your settings and all
  information related to the problem
  - description of how to reproduce the is the best you can provide me
  to track the bug down
  - enable logging (search the archive for decription how to do it) and
  attach the log file (zip it to reduce its size)

  Enjoy testing!

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