[prssr-devel-ml] Re: pRSSreader 1.2.1 beta2 ua1

  • From: Francis Lyons <fjvlyons@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 21:09:42 -0800

RE: Updates (I'll try to be clearer):  If there is no network connection available at startup then the update options never become available after I start the network...ie pRSS does not detect/recognize the connectivity state change and make updates available.  If  pRSS starts while I am connected to network all functions as it should.

RE: Today plugin:  Locks up on boot-up after soft reset.  Plugin installed to RAM, pRSS beta and cache on SD Card.  If loaded separately after start-up works fine, until the next soft-reset.  I am assuming that the plugin is trying to read the card before the system makes the card available.

RE: Scheduled Updates: I knew about the need for the today plugin to be running, I was just wondering if there were a way to force the notification system to handle the updates, given the problems that I am experienging with the today plugin.


David Andrs wrote:
On 2/26/06, Francis Lyons <fjvlyons@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Running it for a while now, but been on vacation.  This beta properly
deletes the cache before downloading (#1 did not).  Both betas do not
detect if the network connectivity is turned on after the program is
started (eg, refresh options stay greyed out/do not function), and I
have to restart pRSS to download.  Also will not download in this
If you start pRSSreader, then site list and feed are loading. During
this time, update is not available. After the loading is finished,
then update should be enabled.

condition during scheduled times.  I have verified this with BT, WiFi
and AS connectivity.
Scheduled updates works only if the pRSSreader is running.

Also, if cache is on SD/CF Card it will still lock up the today plug
(anyway to create a loading delay?), so today plug not being used.
My cache is on SD-card and the plugin works ok. Could you be more
specific about the conditions when the plugin locks up?

Is there anyway to force the program to download on AS connection even
if it is not running?  Some sort of notification w/ command line
option?  None of the settings will enable this.
If the today plugin is active and you checked the option 'check for
new items when handheld cradled' (in options), then the update is
started on inserting handheld into cradle.

Thanks for the great software!

Using vga version of beta2 ua1 on: iPAQ hx4700, ROM 1.10 (US english),
WM2003SE.  WA2 w/WAD, PBreeze w/CB, PW and iL as today plugs.

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