[prssr-devel-ml] Re: pRSSreader 1.1.5 rc2 : won't clear the cache

  • From: David Andrs <pda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 22:08:49 +0100

I have checked the cache clearing and it works for me. If some files
are not deleted, it is probably because some other prog uses it (I can
not do anything with it - feature of Windows).

A few words about how caching/clearing works. You have one feed (xml
file). There are two news items. One from Dec 16, the other from Dec
17. You want caching of online content, therefore pRSSreader caches
two files (HTML). You clear the cache (manually). Both files should be
gone. Now you update the feed again. The feed file was not updated,
thus it has the same news items as from previous update - from Dec 16
and Dec 17. And because you check to cache online content, there will
be two HTML files (those which were deleted). There are no new items,
but the caching the done.

This is how it is supposed to work. To have consistent cache according
to the settings. There could be some improvement to this. Option to
cache only new items. The idea is as the following:
- you have a feed with two news items
- you cache it (two HTML files appears in the cache)
- you mark items read
- you clear the cache
- you update the feed, no new items there -> no caching (we cache only
new items). if there are some new items, they will be cached.

I can add this to 1.2.1. Current version is closed for feature requests.

On 12/18/05, yololo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <yololo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi to all,
> Noticed with RC2 (but maybe with other ones, i don't remember...)
> Updating the feed won't clear the cache... even if the option is checked...
> i've tried to :
> Manually clear the cache (with PrssReader)
> Then update several times a day... Today (the 18th), i've got feed left from 
> the last time i've manually clear the cache... (dated 16th or 17th... but the 
> feed design is to have daily news (it's like a cnn feed...))
> Also, i've noticed that the update process is a little bit more slow... Or is 
> it me ???
Update should be faster (in comparision with 1.1.5 beta4) on
ActiveSync connection, on direct (WiFi) the speed should be the same
(according to my tests).

> Best regards to all, and don't forget to go out in the forest to cut the 
> X-Mas fir tree ! ;) ho, ho ho ! Father Christmas have already put a great 
> gift in your shoes : PrssReader 1.2 ! :D


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