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  • From: "Ryan Ockwig" <rockwig@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 10:44:56 -0500

This is a wonderful application, thank you for all the hard work. I've been using the latest Beta Build on my Cingular 8125 and I've noticed some funny "Today plug-in" behavior.

Steps to recreate
Add a feed (it doesn't matter how many), update the feed.
Go to Today Screen
Change plug-in settings to: Cycling Mode, Show only new items, Cycle feed items (fast) (Sometimes you'll see items, sometimes you won't, right now in "Brief mode" it shows 40 new items, in Cycle mode it says "No new items")
Click ok
Open pRSSreader read a few items. Go back to Today Screen. The items that were just read ARE still showing up in cycle list and feed count. It doesn't appear to acknowledge new read items.

I've also had a issue where making a change to the Feed "properties" (changing a feed to NOT show up on today screen), doesn't work. It's almost like the Today plug-in isn't talking to the application in Cycle mode. Maybe setting something up so that when the Application closes/Minimizes, it refreshes the Today Plug-in (just a thought).
I've tried closing the app down and restarting it, to try to fix it. I've tried disabling and enabling the Today Plug-in, to try to fix it, but nothing seems to work, it's almost like the cycling data is getting cached some where. (I've even tried soft-reset, doesn't fix it)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again for the fantastic app!
-Ryan Ockwig

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