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  • From: "Hal Rottenberg" <halr9000@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 05:11:56 -0700

Found one: http://www.syndic8.com/web_services/

On 5/2/06, David Andrs <pda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I made a little research about searching feeds. Results:

What wee need:
- ask a search engine for keyword(s)
- get the result. Links to web pages are useless, user would have to
find the link to feed on the page by him(her)self (no need to have
this feature in pRSSreader, he/she could do this with the browser and
copy'n'paste the URL to pRSSreader). Thus we need result with direct
link to feeds.
Options like how many items will be in the result would be fine.

- current best search engine is Google (IMHO).
- if you have google account, you can search for feed via Google
reader or in webclips on gmail. This means that google can search only
in feeds (can act like feed directory)
- but I did not figure out how to perform such the search without google
- I could create one for pRSSreader, but then hundreds users will log
into it and teh result could be unpredictable :(

- I took a look at News Interceptor 3, which can do search.
- it connects to pixelweb.net - probabaly some private server. Enought
for me to stop the research here.

What is left:

- we need free feed directory, large enough with good searching capabilities
- I started on http://www.rss-specifications.com/rss-directory.htm
- usable are for me:
  * http://www.rssfeeds.com/
  * http://www.feedster.com/
  * http://www.search4rss.com/index.php

I compared their result with results given by google (via webclips)

What would be perfect: free access to feed directory via xml-rpc
(found one, but the access was only 30 day trial). If there is no such
feed directory, I have to use web interface and parse the result (no
problem, but if the page has change, then the search stops working,
thus the xml-rpc would be perfect).

So, if you know about some free feed directory with xml-rpc, let me
know. Or if you know about better feed directory than mentioned above,
let me also know.

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