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  • From: David Andrs <pda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 17:12:01 +0100

I have encounter such the behavior with the latest beta. The problem
is partially in ActiveSync, which does not allow you to have lot of
subsequent connections to different URLs. If I connected directly
(WiFi), it was ok.

The other part of the problem is in WinInet wrapped by MFC, which is
used in latest beta. It refused to download the same sites all the
time reporting invalid feed file. When I looked into the downloaded
file, it was not complete. Sometimes it download more of the file
sometimes less.

Solution: I have to use my own implementation of HTTP - it is now
integrated in the source code. You can get version of pRSSr with it
from 'special builds' section on the web pages for beta versions.

One thing that I do not understand. I had tried to cache files from
diggnation and pRSSreader did not crashed. Hal, could you test the
beta from special builds section for the crashing problem?

I have the cache on my SD card, so everything I write about further in
related with SD card.
I have figured out that almost all the time the pRSSreader crashed, it
somehow damages the file system structure. Especially in the relation
with using WinInet. Sometimes it damages the directory structure
sometimes only the content of the files. The solution for this was
format the card and restore the content from backup. Simple
overwritting of the file did not help.

Conclusion: If pRSSreader crashes, it may damage your OPML file (lost
subsriptions) - look into the file if it has correct content.
Workaround is decribed above. With pRSSreader installed in RAM, I have
no such problems.


On 12/7/05, Hal Rottenberg <halr9000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Since receiving my WM5 device in the mail, I've tried several times to
> successfully import a OPML, download all of the feeds, then cache some
> to disk.  At first I was able to import, then as someone else had
> reported, the first download had a lot of failures but the successive
> ones were better.  I don't understand why some will fail once but the
> next time they work fine.
> Then I tried to cache an enclosure in the Diggnation feed
> (http://revision3.com/diggnation/feed/high.mp3.xml or
> http://feeds.feedburner.com/diggnation).  PRSSR crashed and it lost my
> subscriptions.  Since that point, every time I try to import either my
> bloglines OPML from the net or one of a few files on disk, I'll get an
> invalid feed error (on a file that used to work), or I'll get the
> message "overwrite or append", but either way no feeds are shown in
> the manager after I hit OK.
> I haven't spent a whole lot of time trying to get it to work, but I
> imagine if I uninstalled and reinstalled I could get it going.  My
> concern now though is why this would happen in the first place.  If
> this happens to a new user they'll just uninstall and never use the
> program again, and we don't want that.
> Ideas?
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