[prssr-devel-ml] Re: HTTP Proxy authentication is not working

  • From: <Daniel.Harman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 16:11:01 +0100

Hi David,

With PocketIE it does work, but I am required to enter the HTTP
authentication details (login/pw) within PocketIE when it initiates the
proxy connection. Opera behaves identically. These are not values that
can be set in the device's settings/connections configuration (which is
extremely annoying - I hate having to enter them every time it connects
to the proxy).

I don't think pRSSreader has the necessary functionality to ask the user
for these authentication details, and when I try to update using the
connection manager settings, the following error is logged :

        'The proxy server needs an authentication'

(I'm not sure if that is truncated).

If I choose to override the connection manager settings in pRSSreader,
then there appears to be a different problem. It does not work, and the
following error is logged :

        'Bad authentication response'.

I guess the solution is to add support for asking the user for a
login/pw when using the connection manager settings (and ideally allow
me to preset them for a given connection), or possibly just fix the
issue with the override.



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> Daniel,
> because you send the email in the time when the forwarding 
> from this mailing list did not work for me, I start this thread again.
> I have not tried your problem yet, but I need you to do this:
> - set the correct information in connection manager (Start | 
> Settings | Connections | Connections, Set up my proxy 
> server). Be careful to set this for correct network.
> - try to access some site with PocketIE
> - if this will work for you, then pRSSreader should work with 
> connection manager settings (no proxy overriding in options)
> - if the above will NOT work for you, I need to know as much 
> information
>   you could provide (like the name of the proxy server - 
> squid, ...) to simulate your enviroment to track the bug down.
> --
> David
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