[prssr-devel-ml] Data connection problems and other observations

  • From: "Michael Skovrinskie" <mskovrinskie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 17:35:00 -0400

Long time lurker on the pRSS dev list / first time poster! I've been trying to 
convert from Egress to pRSSreader but there are a few things blocking me now. 
I'm not sure if these are device specific (imate K-Jam), user errors, or bugs: 
1) When I refresh all subscriptions and enclosures are found, if I cancel the 
download of one of the enclosures, I can't do any subscription updates or 
enclosure downloads until I exist and relaunch pRSSReader. Any other attempt 
just does a quick progress bar that disappears.2) I can't get my WiFi to work 
from pRSSReader. This is a much preferred method for me, since I my primary use 
is for large podcast enclosures. Using GPRS is just too slow. My WiFi setup 
works just fine in Egress, PIE, Inbox, and all other applications. pRSSReader 
just happily chugs along using an Edge GPRS connection every time.3) I notice 
that subscriptions are scanned in a serial manner for new enclosures and the 
enclosures are queued up and downloaded before updating the next subscription 
(is this correct?). Thus, if I cancel one (per issue 1), then I don't even see 
updates for the later subscriptions. This is also a problem when I start a 
clean install and import my OPML list. pRSSReader wants to download all of my 
enclosures (no matter what I tell it to do in settings for new items only), so 
there is a lot of manual work to cancel and individually tag just the new ones 
I want. If I just leave all the data in place for upgrades of pRSSReader, this 
is a one time event.  For item 3), I'd like to see an enclosure queue of some 
sort where all subscriptions are scanned first on a full update, enclosures are 
queued up, and then enclosure download only begins after all subscriptions have 
been updated.  BTW, this is using the latest beta build (haven't installed the 
latest almost RC update from this week yet).  My 2 cents.Thanks,Skov

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