[prssr-devel-ml] Cache Is Massive

  • From: csgreeley@xxxxxxx (Chris Greeley)
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 14:03:06 +0000

I have been toying with the new release.  Things were running well until I 
reloaded my feeds.  I've updated my .opml file and replaced it on the device.  
Wanted to reload the feeds I Imported the .opml file and "wrote-over" the prior 
feeds.  The PPC would work and work and work and then crash (my .opml file has 
~300 feeds, although I wanted to only follow 40-50 of them on my PPC).  I then 
erased all of the feeds on the device group by group (with some crashes in 
between).  I went to clear out the cache on the SD and saw that it had >3,200 
files on it. Nearly all were 0kb in size and represented "old" feeds.  After 
manually erasing the Cache folder and replacing it, the .opml file loaded 
without flaw.

Is this normal behavior of the cache folder.  I have "clear cache before 
channel update" and "cache only new items" checked.


Me: Sprint/PPC6700/WM5/pRSS1.3.2 beta2/run from 2G SD

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