[prssr-devel-ml] AW: pRSSr can't perform complete update of feeds through the ActiveSync

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 19:22:56 +0200

I have the same problems!



I have the following problems when I use pRSS Reader 1.3.0:

Enviroment:     Pocket PC IPAQ 2210 is connected via cradle 
                The cradle is connected to a PC using a proxy to the internet.

Options:        Tools / Options / Retrieval
                Check for new items every 1 hours.
                [x] automatically connect
                [x] check for new items when handheld inserted into cradle
Options Sites (Site Manager): in ALL sites

                Caching:        [x] Store images within items
                                [x] Cach content for offline browsing

                                [x] automatically cache enclosures

All enclosures, images and content are cached on a SD Card (enough memory free).

my problems:    

- When I insert my device into the cradle and wait over 1 hour, pRSS Reader 
(started) doesn't update my channel.
  (Update Channel (Tools Menu) is working)

- When I try "Update All Channels" from the Tools-Menu the channels are updated 
BUT not all content is offline    
  (When I read new messages my Pocket IE will connect to the internet).

- When I read a message and tip on the header (Pocket IE opens) -> Pocket IE 
try to connect to the internet
  (but still I think the message is offline cached)
  When I tip "Cancel" the login window appears continuesly -> tip "Cancel" -> 
now I can read my message

What can I do to solve this three problems?

Kind regards,

André Zenker
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Betreff: [prssr-devel-ml] pRSSr can't perform complete update of feeds through 
the ActiveSync

Hello, guys!
I really need your help (the second attempt)..
pRSSreader can't sync all feeds on my device..
Very strange behavior is here.
I connect my device through the ActiveSync by cable and press 'Sync all' button.
In result I'm getting the only part of synchronized feeds..
First feeds contain both description, images, cached online content
and cached enclosures.
The rest of feeds either have not refreshed at all or haven't get the
images, cached online content and enclosures..
The only reconnecting of cable or the restart of activesync can solve
this situation.. but the next synchronization may be not fully
completed too.. again and again.
The error log contains the following strings:
<site> Some files were not cached
<site> Can not connect to the site

It is strange because I've installed the fresh copy of OS some days
ago on my desktop and everything works fine (e.g. Egress and other
programs works pretty well through the ActiveSync)

desktop OS: WinXP SP2, firewall is off
device: Qtek S100 (HTC Magician)
ActiveSync 4.1 (3.8 was tried also with pRSSr1.2)
pRSSreader v1.3 (installed in the main memory, cache folders are
located on the SD card)

OPML file and setting reg file are attached
Please try to reproduce this bug...

P.S. Let me know if some additional information will be needed..

Thank you.
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