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  • Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 09:11:20 +0200

        A german version of pRSSreader is not availible. Why not?
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        Hi all!
        pRSSreader 1.3.2 is now available for download
        What's New:
        * Added: Copy Feed Item URL to clipboard
        * Added: Context menu for Site Manager (Edit, Remove, Copy Feed
        * Added: Summary View context menu (Mark All Read, Mark All
Unread, Copy
        Feed URL)
        * Added: Search feeds in syndic8.com RSS directory (access via
        * Added: Copy message text to clipboard
        * Added: Flag message
        * Added: When update finished with errors, message box displayed
        notify user about that fact.
        * Added: Simple URL rewriting feature
        * Added: HTML optimizer (None, Skweezer, Custom)
        * Added: Option - Warn when moving to previous/next channel
        * Added: EUC-JP codepage
        * Added: Show flagged items
        * Added: Up/Down arrow moves to the previous/next message in
        * Added: Buffered file reading/writing (higher performance in
        * Added: Minimal interval between sync events (for cradling)
        * Added: Feeds are loaded in the background
        * Added: zlib for receiving content in gzipped format (needed
        correct working of Skweezer)
        * Fixed: Space optimalization of menus
        * Fixed: Feed titles are searched for keywords
        * Fixed: Adding a site splitted into separate dialogs
(accessible via menu)
        * Fixed: Follows system text settings on Today screen
        * Fixed: Update All did not work with pRSSreader running on the
        * Fixed: Improved purging of feed item keys in registry (on
        * Fixed: Improved communication between today plug-in and main
        * Fixed: Reduced CPU load in today plug-in (IPC synchro, loading
        necessary files, periodical checks replaced with FS
        * Fixed: When site properties were changed (File | Properties),
        were not saved.
        * Fixed: Better feed items hash keys registry handling
        * Fixed: When updating, changes are displayed after caching
        * Fixed: Updating procedure refactored
        * Fixed: Major code clean-ups
        * Fixed: Cache moving is done in thread
        * Fixed: When trying to set cache/enclosure folder to program
files or
        windows dir -> user is alerted
        * Fixed: Possibility to move the cache content or not
        * Fixed: Hangup after cradling
        * Fixed: When 'Hide read items' was active, items were displayed
        restarting the pRSSreader
        * Fixed: Flag/Unflag message is enabled/disabled according to
        selection (main window context menu)
        * Fixed: Bad cells in the formatting table (image and 'cached'
text were
        not aligned)
        * Fixed: Crash on generating playlists
        * Fixed: When caching enclosures, there was not a countdown for
        remaining items
        * Fixed: When enclosure caching is finished, feed items on the
        windows are refresh to reflect result of caching
        * Fixed: Copy URL did not work in CNewsDlg
        * Fixed: When creating new folder in CMoveDirDlg and tapping
enter, new
        folder was not used in destination path
        * Fixed: Update requests are queued when updating
        * Fixed: When moving empty dir -> crash
        * Fixed: .html extension was not added for files with dot (.) in
the name
        * Fixed: If site was updated and main window was not foreground
        items were not refreshed
        * Fixed: After marking items read/unread/new/flagged/unflagged
        is removed
        * Fixed: Ugly memory leak
        * and many more...
        Thanks to the localization team for their work and to all beta
        who participated on this release.
        Enjoy the new version!
        pRSSreader development mailing list

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