[prssr-devel-ml] Re: 2 Feature requests: Item flag button, cache flagged item contents

  • From: "rafaelreis@xxxxxxxxx" <rafaelreis@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 01:24:23 -0400

if you are going to use the word FLAG message, then i suggest that it is
KEPT. there should be a option not to update a feeditem if it has been
flagged. and it will updated the other unflagged items.

id also like to see an option to have as many today items (different feeds
if possible) show up on the TOdayScreen. (think ilauncher button where one
screen is purelly for RSS items.

bug report: option to show items in GMT time works for today items but not
in reading view. I suggest timestamps on summary views and update program to
update 24/12 hr format on feed reading.

On 8/23/06, Bukovansky Richard <richard.bukovansky@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does anyone second these ideas? I do. Good ideas... I am missing them also and I think that can save money to guys without flatrate mobile data connection, when they download messages over mob ile network.

Richard Bukovansky
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