[prssr-devel-ml] beta - One handed use

  • From: Graham Foster <gandalfmeister@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 14:14:39 +0000


 Nice feature set, and works fairly well, but I find 1 handed use
 awkward. Some examples

 - moving items around the site manager - I cannot see how to indent a
 feed into a group using the D pad. The only way is to use the stulus
 context menu, but the SELECT button in the D pad just bleeps - and doesn't
 bring up the context menu?

 - Keyword manager - impossible to use 1 handed, and there is a
 "spare" softkey which isn't used at  all

 - When viewing a message, you see "Close" as softkey 1, when
 "Headlines" would appear to make more sense (i.e. next level up is

 - in a similar idea - when at the headlines level then the "channels"
 options and Site Manager, mark all as read should be on the LEFT
 softkey (i.e. "go up") - not on the the right softkey.

 - Next level up should be the My Channels page / Site Manager page as
 these have very similar functionality, for selecting / modifying the
 channel structure.
 - Mark all items read / unread should be available at channel and
 site manger level (inc the option to have 1 key catchup for ALL items
 in all channels)

 - Flagged items should appear in their own channel as well (i.e. a
 virtual flagged channel) - or even (more simply) copied off into
 their own dedicated channel then they are not subject to the usual
 retention limits.

 - I cannot see any way to automatically download images and view them
 INLINE, i.e. the only one I want is for my daily Dilbert gif to come
 down when I sync all my channels - rather than having to reconnect
 when I read it to download it. Is there / Can there be a "download
 image automatically for this channel" option? I've tried caching
 images setting in the channel properties , but it didn't appear to do
 anything when Refresh was used.

 - If you are in the Site Manager level - why can't you edit the properties
 of a site? Combining Site Manager and My Channels functionality would
 make this much simpler. (IHMO)

 Just suggestions

Best regards,

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