[prssr-devel-ml] woes summary (old bugs, some minor requests)

  • From: Joerg <prss-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 12:09:16 +0100

Hi David,

I'd like to summarize some of my issues with the current beta, that I 
have not mentioned (again) so far.

* incorrect date parsing (a rather old problem from 1.3.4 b1)
 > http://www.freelists.org/archives/prssr-devel-ml/07-2007/msg00001.html
one example: http://josephmallozzi.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

* disappearing and reappearing items (mentioned for 1.3.4 b1 as well)
 > http://www.freelists.org/archives/prssr-devel-ml/03-2007/msg00005.html
two examples:
  probably, I'm using a cached version of this feed: 
  certainly: http://german-bash.org/latest-quotes.xml

* "Open" function not yet working. The Pocket IE still opens up without 
a new URL. (from

* feature request: I noticed that links in the text of an item have an 
own context menu (open, download). I'd be great if you could add the 
social bookmark feature there as well. The title of the bookmark could 
either be the link text or a combination of the item's title and the 
link text. However, I'd much prefer the ability to edit this text before 
the bookmarking site is called.

* minor bug: When opening "Options" -> "Errors" during a running 
update/download operation, the status bar will disappear after closing 
the error dialog. (Also present in

* request: Offline mode during updates: When I'm requesting an update 
while in offline mode, pRSSreader correctly asks whether I would like to 
go online now. Unfortunately, it does not reset its status to offline, 
once the update is finished.

* request: When aborting an update operation, pRSSreader will not 
download the queued images and enclosures. It would be nice if you 
include this in the ToDo point "Manageable download queue" or simply 
start downloading them after the user taps the "[X]" in the download 
status bar to cancel the update, thus allowing pRSSreader to fetch 
images for the feeds downloaded/updated so far. A user wishing to abort 
all actions would (just) have to tap the "[X]" button again.

* already mentioned by Stephen Houchen: "Add feed" does not work online. 
No matter what I tried I was never able to add a feed in online mode 
with the current beta (also with However, after I add the feed 
"offline", everything (meaning updates, reading) works fine. My device 
is usually connected by Wireless LAN but unlike Stephen I did not notice 
the "Please wait..." message.

* minor bug: It appears as though the new "last updated" times sometimes 
have a problem with time zone calculations. Sometimes the first (or 
other) items are exactly an hour off, although I updated them all 
together. My timezone is CET on Windows Mobile 2003.

I hope you don't mind me withholding those issues for a while, but with 
the new TODO-List in place I thought you might consider some of them.

Best regards,
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