[prssr-devel-ml] Re: 1.3.3 beta5: Installation/uninstallation issues

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  • Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 20:15:34 +0100

I'm not quite sure about the exact steps but I think it was like this:

I had already installed beta 4 and I launched the beta 5 cab. It told me
that I needed to uninstall the existing version first and asked if I
wanted to do so. I ansered Yes and the uninstallation failed with some
message and thus the installation of beta 5. i then tried to uninstall
using add remove programs. This did not work also. I was told that the
uninstallation was not complete and was asked if I wanted to remove the
entry from the list of installed programs. I answered yes.

Then each time I tried to install the beta 5 cab it failed (after asking
about the toda plugin - I answered no regarding the activation of the
today plugin).=20

I then tried to uninstall manually. First I renamed the installation dir
and the registry key under HKCU. It did not work after that.

I then look in \Windows\Autostart and found a link to prsssvc.exe. I
removed that link and soft reset. Still no success.
Then I removed everything from \Windows that began with prss. No
success. I started MemMaid and had a look at the Autostart and Services
I removed the prsssvc.exe and I think it was called stprsssvc.exe
entries. I soft reset again and then removed the stprsssvc.exe file from
the file system.

Then installation succeeded.

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Thomas M. Hofmann wrote:
> I also had issues uninstalling and installing until I deleted the
> startup entry for stprsssvc.exe
Could you be more specific about it? This *really* says NOTHING.

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