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  • From: Emin Oztas <emino55@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: proteomics@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 01:42:11 -0800 (PST)

Hello again to all,
I have a problem with silver stainining. I did 2D IEF with a Immuno precipated 
protein from a cell line. Silver staining kit (SilverQuest, invitrogen) says 
that their stain is mass spec compatible. But we tested it and marker bands 
were not recognized by MALDI. We also found false or wrong results from empthy 
area of the gel piece. 
If anybody have any experience with SilverQuest silver staining kit please send 
Dr. Emin Oztas

--- 14/12/08 Pzr tarihinde Mavi Gozler <mavigozler@xxxxxxxxx> şöyle yazıyor:

> Kimden: Mavi Gozler <mavigozler@xxxxxxxxx>
> Konu: [proteomics] Hello from Proteomics List Manager
> Kime: proteomics@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Tarihi: 14 Aralık 2008 Pazar, 12:49
> I am hoping to see more people subscribe to this list and
> start posting messages to it.
> Any message related to proteomics is welcome:
>     * Questions seeking answers to problems in proteomics
>     * Answers to questions providing solutions to problems
> in proteomics
>     * Your own "newsletter" with maybe things you
> have read and which you recommend the list to read
> * And yes, this list allows product vendors/makers to
> advertise their
> proteomics-related products, so long as they put
> "ADVERTISEMENT" as the leading phrase in the
> Subject header (so that
> list members can filter it out, if they don't want to
> read it)Remember,
> proteomics is a broad discipline with overlap in genomics,
> part of "functional genomics."  Much of anything
> in molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry would be
> of interest to the list.
> So let's please make this list lively.
> Tell your friends to subscribe by creating a new email
> message and filling in the following headers:
>     To:        proteomics-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>     Subject:  subscribe
> They can also put the word "subscribe" in the
> message body as well as Subject header.
> Best wishes for your continuing success in all your
> efforts,
> Mitch Halloran

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