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Doubt this applies to all of us, but maybe Josh or Neela could apply for 


Greetings and Welcome Back!

I hope you are having an enjoyable summer!

I would like to invite you to apply to the MORE (Mentorships and 
Opportunities for Research in Engineering) Program.  This program 
aims to increase the participation of UC Davis undergraduate 
engineering students in faculty/graduate student research activities 
and to provide students with pre-graduate school resources.

MORE Requirements:

*  Undergraduate majoring in engineering
*  Sophomore standing or above
*  Strong interest in engineering undergraduate research and graduate 
*  Good academic standing while trying to achieve a grade point 
average consistent with admission requirements for graduate school

MORE Expectations:

*  Serve as research assistants
*  Work approximately 6-10 hours per week in a research lab
*  2 units of 99/199 research units
*  Students may participate for 1-2 quarters and may enroll during 
any academic quarter or summer

MORE research positions are dependent upon the research needs of 
engineering faculty at UC Davis.  Currently, faculty in the following 
departments are looking for undergraduate researchers:  Applied 
Science, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Biomedical 
Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical 
Engineering and Materials Science, Computer Science, Electrical and 
Computer Engineering, and Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.

Funding is limited and may be available to those who qualify and is 
considered on a case by case basis, first come, first served.

This is a great opportunity...one you can't achieve through books or 
classes, but only from hands-on research experience.  Please contact 
me for more information and application materials.

Cassandra Fong


Cassandra Fong
Student Development and Recruitment
Engineering Dean's Office
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA  95616
Surge IV Suite 409

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