[proteamdavis] Re: DMB (sorry!)

  • From: "Tejal Pandya" <tgpandya@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Shanam Saini <shanamsaini@xxxxxxxxx>, proteamdavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 09:06:42 -0700 (PDT)

Can I say 'maybe?'  If you need to know nad get rid of the ticets, go 
ahead cuz I have no idea what i'll be doing or where i'll be in september. 
I might have left for india already. i don't know. but if it works out it 
would be fun. 

BTW, if you get cable tv channel 8, (ie Namaste America channel), then 
there's this show called the Anjali Show, that comes on at 8:30 am on 
Saturdays, right before Namaste, and me and 3 other girls are going to be 
on it this sat. exciting!  It bradcasts in berekeley, i'm pretty sure. 
i'll explain later. :)


> I was wondering if any of you guys (except Josh!) were interested in
> going to a free (well, there's a $9 service charge to cover printing,
> postage, logistics, etc. costs... but that's nothing for concert
> tickets) Dave Matthews Band benefit concert in San Francisco on
> September 12th. A bunch of my high school + Cal buddies are going, but
> I also got a hold of a few extra tickets if anyone is interested. I'm
> probably going to rid of them within a week, so lemme know ASAP!
> (I apologize for using this mailing list to get a hold of you guys --
> I know this is intended for protein stuff only, but I don't have all
> your e-mail addresses yet, so this was the only way. Sorry; it won't
> happen again)
> Hope you guys are having a good summer =),
> Shanam

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