[proteamdavis] 1B7Y sequences.

  • From: "Nancy Villa" <nvilla@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: proteamdavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 17:22:01 -0700 (PDT)

wow, that was a mightly unenjoyable experience.  well, this is only the
first one, I'll get the others done soon.  lemme know if you can't open the
document or anything.

-- Attached file included as plaintext by Ecartis --
-- Desc: 1B7Y_sequences.txt



searcher.sh pitlm.txt PITLM
searcher.sh itlme.txt ITLME
searcher.sh tlmer.txt TLMER
searcher.sh lmere.txt LMERE
searcher.sh merel.txt MEREL
searcher.sh erelv.txt ERELV
searcher.sh relve.txt RELVE
searcher.sh elvei.txt ELVEI
searcher.sh lveif.txt LVEIF
searcher.sh veifr.txt VEIFR
searcher.sh pmqvr.txt PMQVR
searcher.sh mqvry.txt MQVRY
searcher.sh qvrym.txt QVRYM
searcher.sh vrymv.txt VRYMV
searcher.sh rymva.txt RYMVA
searcher.sh mahlk.txt MAHLK
searcher.sh ahlkg.txt AHLKG
searcher.sh hlkga.txt HLKGA
searcher.sh lkgai.txt LKGAI
searcher.sh kgaiy.txt KGAIY
searcher.sh gaiye.txt GAIYE
searcher.sh aiyel.txt AIYEL
searcher.sh iyela.txt IYELA
searcher.sh yelaq.txt YELAQ
searcher.sh elaqa.txt ELAQA
searcher.sh laqal.txt LAQAL
searcher.sh pkvfq.txt PKVFQ
searcher.sh kvfqa.txt KVFQA
searcher.sh vfqav.txt VFQAV
searcher.sh fqavd.txt FQAVD
searcher.sh qavda.txt QAVDA
searcher.sh avday.txt AVDAY
searcher.sh vdayr.txt VDAYR
searcher.sh dayre.txt DAYRE
searcher.sh ayrer.txt AYRER
searcher.sh verla.txt VERLA
searcher.sh erlam.txt ERLAM
searcher.sh rlaml.txt RLAML
searcher.sh lamlr.txt LAMLR
searcher.sh fswlk.txt FSWLK
searcher.sh swlka.txt SWLKA
searcher.sh wlkay.txt WLKAY
searcher.sh pevle.txt PEVLE
searcher.sh evlee.txt EVLEE
searcher.sh vleer.txt VLEER
searcher.sh leeri.txt LEERI
searcher.sh eerla.txt EERLA
searcher.sh erlag.txt ERLAG
searcher.sh rlagl.txt RLAGL
searcher.sh llgla.txt LLGLA
searcher.sh lglar.txt LGLAR
searcher.sh glard.txt GLARD
searcher.sh lardl.txt LARDL
searcher.sh ardlh.txt ARDLH
searcher.sh rdlha.txt RDLHA
searcher.sh dlhal.txt DLHAL
searcher.sh lwmqr.txt LWMQR
searcher.sh wmqra.txt WMQRA
searcher.sh mqral.txt MQRAL
searcher.sh qralf.txt QRALF
searcher.sh ralfa.txt RALFA
searcher.sh nvvdv.txt NVVDV
searcher.sh vvdvt.txt VVDVT
searcher.sh vdvtn.txt VDVTN
searcher.sh dvtny.txt DVTNY
searcher.sh vtnyv.txt VTNYV
searcher.sh tnyvm.txt TNYVM
searcher.sh nyvml.txt NYVML
searcher.sh yvmle.txt YVMLE
searcher.sh pvsir.txt PVSIR
searcher.sh vsirk.txt VSIRK
searcher.sh sirkt.txt SIRKT
searcher.sh irkta.txt IRKTA
searcher.sh rktar.txt RKTAR
searcher.sh ktarr.txt KTARR
searcher.sh eashr.txt EASHR
searcher.sh ashrf.txt ASHRF
searcher.sh shrfe.txt SHRFE
searcher.sh hrfer.txt HRFER
searcher.sh gqvpa.txt GQVPA
searcher.sh qvpaq.txt QVPAQ
searcher.sh vpaqr.txt VPAQR
searcher.sh paqrr.txt PAQRR
searcher.sh aqrra.txt AQRRA
searcher.sh qrral.txt QRRAL
searcher.sh rrals.txt RRALS
searcher.sh ralsl.txt RALSL
searcher.sh alsll.txt ALSLL
searcher.sh lsllq.txt LSLLQ
searcher.sh sllqa.txt SLLQA
searcher.sh llqal.txt LLQAL
searcher.sh peyan.txt PEYAN
searcher.sh eyanr.txt EYANR
searcher.sh yanrl.txt YANRL
searcher.sh anrll.txt ANRLL
searcher.sh eaeqi.txt EAEQI
searcher.sh aeqia.txt AEQIA
searcher.sh eqiai.txt EQIAI
searcher.sh qiail.txt QIAIL
searcher.sh iailk.txt IAILK
searcher.sh ailkr.txt AILKR
searcher.sh eedlv.txt EEDLV
searcher.sh edlve.txt EDLVE 
searcher.sh dlvee.txt DLVEE
searcher.sh lveev.txt LVEEV
searcher.sh veeva.txt VEEVA
searcher.sh eevar.txt EEVAR
searcher.sh evari.txt EVARI
searcher.sh variq.txt VARIQ
searcher.sh apyrk.txt APYRK
searcher.sh pyrke.txt PYRKE
searcher.sh yrkeq.txt YRKEQ
searcher.sh rkeqr.txt RKEQR
searcher.sh keqrl.txt KEQRL
searcher.sh eqrlr.txt EQRLR
searcher.sh qrlre.txt QRLRE
searcher.sh rlrev.txt RLREV
searcher.sh lrevl.txt LREVL
searcher.sh revls.txt REVLS
searcher.sh evlsg.txt EVLSG
searcher.sh vlsgl.txt VLSGL
searcher.sh lfpgl.txt LFPGL
searcher.sh fpglv.txt FPGLV
searcher.sh pglvr.txt PGLVR
searcher.sh glvrv.txt GLVRV
searcher.sh lvrvl.txt LVRVL
searcher.sh vrvlk.txt VRVLK
searcher.sh rvlke.txt RVLKE
searcher.sh vlken.txt VLKEN
searcher.sh lkenl.txt LKENL
searcher.sh kenld.txt KENLD
searcher.sh enldl.txt ENLDL
searcher.sh yfllk.txt YFLLK
searcher.sh fllkg.txt FLLKG
searcher.sh llkgy.txt LLKGY
searcher.sh lkgyl.txt LKGYL
searcher.sh kgyle.txt KGYLE
searcher.sh gylea.txt GYLEA
searcher.sh yleal.txt YLEAL
searcher.sh lealf.txt LEALF
searcher.sh ealfa.txt EALFA
searcher.sh alfar.txt ALFAR
searcher.sh lfarl.txt LFARL
searcher.sh peiaq.txt PEIAQ
searcher.sh eiaqe.txt EIAQE
searcher.sh ygeve.txt YGEVE
searcher.sh gevea.txt GEVEA
searcher.sh eveal.txt EVEAL
searcher.sh vealv.txt VEALV
searcher.sh ealvr.txt EALVR
searcher.sh alvre.txt ALVRE
searcher.sh lvrea.txt LVREA
searcher.sh vreaa.txt VREAA
searcher.sh avsrv.txt AVSRV
searcher.sh vsrva.txt VSRVA
searcher.sh srvae.txt SRVAE
searcher.sh rvaea.txt RVAEA
searcher.sh vaeal.txt VAEAL
searcher.sh aealr.txt AEALR


searcher.sh pitlme.txt PITLME
searcher.sh itlmer.txt ITLMER
searcher.sh tlmere.txt TLMERE
searcher.sh lmerel.txt LMEREL
searcher.sh merelv.txt MERELV
searcher.sh erelve.txt ERELVE
searcher.sh relvei.txt RELVEI
searcher.sh elveif.txt ELVEIF
searcher.sh lveifr.txt LVEIFR
searcher.sh pmqvry.txt PMQVRY
searcher.sh mqvrym.txt MQVRYM
searcher.sh qvrymv.txt QVRYMV
searcher.sh vrymva.txt VRYMVA
searcher.sh mahlkg.txt MAHLKG
searcher.sh ahlkga.txt AHLKGA
searcher.sh hlkgai.txt HLKGAI
searcher.sh lkgaiy.txt LKGAIY
searcher.sh kgaiye.txt KGAIYE
searcher.sh gaiyel.txt GAIYEL
searcher.sh aiyela.txt AIYELA
searcher.sh iyelaq.txt IYELAQ
searcher.sh yelaqa.txt YELAQA
searcher.sh elaqal.txt ELAQAL
searcher.sh pkvfqa.txt PKVFQA
searcher.sh kvfqav.txt KVFQAV
searcher.sh vfqavd.txt VFQAVD
searcher.sh fqavda.txt FQAVDA
searcher.sh qavday.txt QAVDAY
searcher.sh avdayr.txt AVDAYR
searcher.sh vdayre.txt VDAYRE
searcher.sh dayrer.txt DAYRER
searcher.sh verlam.txt VERLAM
searcher.sh erlaml.txt ERLAML
searcher.sh rlamlr.txt RLAMLR
searcher.sh fswlka.txt FSWLKA
searcher.sh swlkay.txt SWLKAY
searcher.sh pevlee.txt PEVLEE
searcher.sh evleer.txt EVLEER
searcher.sh vleerl.txt VLEERL
searcher.sh leerla.txt LEERLA
searcher.sh eerlag.txt EERLAG
searcher.sh erlagl.txt ERLAGL
searcher.sh llglar.txt LLGLAR
searcher.sh lglard.txt LGLARD
searcher.sh glardl.txt GLARDL
searcher.sh lardlh.txt LARDLH
searcher.sh ardlha.txt ARDLHA
searcher.sh rdlhal.txt RDLHAL
searcher.sh lwmqra.txt LWMQRA
searcher.sh wmqral.txt WMQRAL
searcher.sh mqralf.txt MQRALF
searcher.sh qralfa.txt QRALFA
searcher.sh nvvdvt.txt NVVDVT
searcher.sh vvdvtn.txt VVDVTN
searcher.sh vdvtny.txt VDVTNY
searcher.sh dvtnyv.txt DVTNYV
searcher.sh vtnyvm.txt VTNYVM
searcher.sh tnyvml.txt TNYVML
searcher.sh nyvmle.txt NYVMLE
searcher.sh pvsirk.txt PVSIRK
searcher.sh vsirkt.txt VSIRKT
searcher.sh sirkta.txt SIRKTA
searcher.sh irktar.txt IRKTAR
searcher.sh rktarr.txt RKTARR
searcher.sh eashrf.txt EASHRF
searcher.sh ashrfe.txt ASHRFE
searcher.sh shrfer.txt SHRFER
searcher.sh gqvpaq.txt GQVPAQ
searcher.sh qvpaqr.txt QVPAQR
searcher.sh vpaqrr.txt VPAQRR
searcher.sh paqrra.txt PAQRRA
searcher.sh aqrral.txt AQRRAL
searcher.sh qrrals.txt QRRALS
searcher.sh rralsl.txt RRALSL
searcher.sh ralsll.txt RALSLL
searcher.sh alsllq.txt ALSLLQ
searcher.sh lsllqa.txt LSLLQA
searcher.sh sllqai.txt SLLQAI
searcher.sh peyanr.txt PEYANR
searcher.sh eyanrl.txt EYANRL
searcher.sh yanrll.txt YANRLL
searcher.sh eaeqia.txt EAEQIA
searcher.sh aeqiai.txt AEQIAI
searcher.sh eqiail.txt EQIAIL
searcher.sh qiailk.txt QIAILK
searcher.sh iailkr.txt IAILKR
searcher.sh eedlve.txt EEDLVE
searcher.sh edlvee.txt EDLVEE
searcher.sh dlveev.txt DLVEEV
searcher.sh lveeva.txt LVEEVA
searcher.sh veevar.txt VEEVAR
searcher.sh eevari.txt EEVARI
searcher.sh evariq.txt EVARIQ
searcher.sh apyrke.txt APYRKE
searcher.sh pyrkeq.txt PYRKEQ
searcher.sh yrkeqr.txt YRKEQR
searcher.sh rkeqrl.txt RKEQRL
searcher.sh keqrlr.txt KEQRLR
searcher.sh eqrlre.txt EQRLRE
searcher.sh qrlrev.txt QRLREV
searcher.sh rlrevl.txt RLREVL
searcher.sh lrevls.txt LREVLS
searcher.sh revlsg.txt REVLSG
searcher.sh evlsgl.txt EVLSGL
searcher.sh fpglvr.txt FPGLVR
searcher.sh pglvrv.txt PGLVRV
searcher.sh glvrvl.txt GLVRVL
searcher.sh lvrvlk.txt LVRVLK
searcher.sh vrvlke.txt VRVLKE
searcher.sh rvlken.txt RVLKEN
searcher.sh vlkenl.txt VLKENL
searcher.sh lkenld.txt LKENLD
searcher.sh kenldl.txt KENLDL
searcher.sh yfllkg.txt YFLLKG
searcher.sh fllkgy.txt FLLKGY
searcher.sh llkgyl.txt LLKGYL
searcher.sh lkgyle.txt LKGYLE
searcher.sh kgylea.txt KGYLEA
searcher.sh gyleal.txt GYLEAL
searcher.sh ylealf.txt YLEALF
searcher.sh lealfa.txt LEALFA
searcher.sh ealfar.txt EALFAR
searcher.sh alfarl.txt ALFARL
searcher.sh peiaqe.txt PEIAQE
searcher.sh ygevea.txt YGEVEA
searcher.sh geveal.txt GEVEAL
searcher.sh evealv.txt EVEALV
searcher.sh vealvr.txt VEALVR
searcher.sh ealvre.txt EALVRE
searcher.sh alvrea.txt ALVREA
searcher.sh lvreaa.txt LVREAA
searcher.sh deevee.txt DEEVEE
searcher.sh eeveea.txt EEVEEA
searcher.sh eveeav.txt EVEEAV
searcher.sh veeavs.txt VEEAVS
searcher.sh eeavsr.txt EEAVSR
searcher.sh eavsrv.txt EAVSRV
searcher.sh avsrva.txt AVSRVA
searcher.sh vsrvae.txt VSRVAE
searcher.sh srvaea.txt SRVAEA
searcher.sh rvaeal.txt RVAEAL
searcher.sh vaealr.txt VAEALR


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