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  • From: Chris Neilson <crusty.chris@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2012 09:36:00 +1200

I have major issues with the following sentence from the previous post:
"It also allows you to download and play pirated DS games if your into
that sort of thing...." (and its not the "you're vs your" grammar Im
objecting to).

DS flash carts themselves are legal.

Home Brew games are legal.

downloading and playing pirated games are both illegal (at least pretty
much any country youd be able to get a DS). recommending methods for
playing pirated games is also illegal in many places.

If we can pull this thread (or the post) from the list archive i would
suggest it. we certainly dont need it on record that we advocate game
piracy - which I most emphatically do not. As far as I am aware there is
nothing illegal about a Home Brew Lone Wolf DS game (as long as the book
data is stored on the projectaon site) - we dont need to associate with,
or even mention, pirated games.

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> > greetings! i adore all lone wolf books and i congratulate you for your 
> > effort! thank you! my question... how can i play the ds lone wolf? please, 
> > i need to know the steps and i ll do the rest. thank you for your time!
> >
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> John,
> In order to play the Lone Wolf DS game you have to own a "DS Flash 
> Cart"., It is a small game-sized device that you can copy games onto, 
> which allows you to play "Home Brew" games. It also allows you to 
> download and play pirated DS games if your into that sort of thing.... 
> Here is a link to get you started. My ex-gf has an older "Real 3DS" cart 
> and it works great. I've played the Lone Wolf game and it is a really 
> well done game.
> http://www.dsflash.com/supercard-dstwo-3ds.htm

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