[projectaon] Re: Outstanding Errata Sprint (Week 6)

  • From: "David Davis" <feline1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <projectaon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 09:23:27 +0100

I don’t see why adding x “to the the number picked” precludes also cumulatively 
adding other X’s to the number picked as well!

cf: there’s loads of bonuses accumulate on your CS and EP all the time from 
multiple disciplines and items.

From: Timothy Pederick 
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 8:14 AM
To: projectaon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Subject: [projectaon] Re: Outstanding Errata Sprint (Week 6)

On 28 June 2011 05:42, Chris Neilson <crusty.chris@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  Not saying I dont agree with you re the bonus stacking, but my original
  point was that this was a forth option that had not been considered in
  Tim's list. It all depends on whether or not its an argument that has
  been "seriously proposed". The point was that nearly everyone ASSUMED
  the bonus was cumulative - the rules dont specifically state that it is.

I think the fact that "nearly everyone" reads the rules a certain way is in 
fact a very good argument for Project Aon to interpret them that way. :-) 
Consensus is good. So is not surprising the readers and provoking them to email 
us with questions or complaints! 

  Compare this to the Silver Bow of Duadon. It is stated to "add 3 points
  to your TOTAL whenever you are using a Bow" (06tkot sect252) - "total"
  implies cumulative bonus, although the Mentora Improved Discipline says
  "add 2 to the NUMBER PICKED" (the "Bows and Arrows" Equipment section
  says something similar ie "add 3 to any number that you choose") - which
  definitely implies not cumulative.

I think you're reading too much intent into Dever's wording. I don't think he 
was being deliberate in choosing "to your total" vs. "to the number picked".

On 28 June 2011 09:11, Benjamin I Krefetz <krefetz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  Maybe someone who feels like grepping the xml files can check to confirm, but 
I believe the only time LW throws a Dagger in the Magnakai series is when he 
throws the Dagger of Vashna at Zakhan Kimah, and in that case the reader is 
specifically instructed to add 3.

I come up with just two (using a hastily composed grep -i 
"random.*weaponmastery.*dagger"), both in 09tcof. There's the one against 
Kimah, of course (section 239), but also section 215 where you throw a dagger 
at a guard to shut him up. There, you get a +4 bonus.

Kind of makes you wonder what the Mentora bonus (available no sooner than 
10tdot) is actually for, especially if it doesn't stack with WM-with-Bow...

(Do note that this is only finding cases where you get a bonus to a random pick 
for having [Grand] Weaponmastery. Searching for every instance of random picks 
involving daggers is significantly harder...)

Tim Pederick

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