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  • From: "David Davis" <feline1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:25:59 +0100

Oh I *see*, sorry.
That sort of thing is always a hiding to nothing though, n'est-ce pas?
The end-user doesn't have the right font,
even if we make it available for download,
then they may not be able to install it on their machine cos
its a work/university/whatever PC, or they're browsing on
a mobile phone or a blue-tooth fondue set or sthg.

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David Davis wrote:
sorry folks, as usual I don't think I paid enough attention at the
start of this conversation -
when you talk about us "distributing" fonts, do you just mean
embedding them in the PDFs?
Probably most commercial fonts have a license which permits embedding
in such a fashion, there'd be no issues there.

No, it's with a view to using CSS to force a computer to display the HTML text in a particular typeface. Apparently, finding a suitable free font is proving to be a real headache. :-\

Simon Osborne

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