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  • From: Simon Osborne <outspaced@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 10:22:03 +0100

On 04/10/2011 22:58, Jonathan Blake wrote:
Last week ended up being pretty crazy for me, too. I just committed
the changes for Flight from the Dark and Fire on the Water to SVN.

02fotw 302:

The first sentence now reads: "Stepping over the body, you living quarters." Something's missing. ;-)

I've added "set about a quick search of these" from the errata listing. Committed to SVN.

Also fixed "weapon(s) -> Weapon(s)" in 49 and 196 of tcok; that book in particular needs auditing to see which instances of "weapon" should be capitalised, though I imagine all the Kai books will suffer from this. Any takers to compile a list of which occurrences relate to your own weapon? ;-)

(er) 26: a Dagger and a Mace: both carved from solid bone. -> a Dagger and a
Mace. They are both carved and fashioned from whalebone. [so: As per
Mongoose Publishing edition. Alternatively, alter it to: "a Dagger and a
Mace, both carved from solid bone." as the use of the colon here is not
I think we should just switch it to a comma. The extra flavor text is
nice, but doesn't solve any problems.



79: [so: Update the text and erratum so that the text says: "You may take
{-however-} as many additional Torches _as_ you wish before continuing".]

123: [so: Update text and erratum so that the text says: "each one counts as
_a_ Backpack Item".]

Both Fixed.


(er) 253: It's going' t'be -> It's going t'be

(er) 164, 234, 283: Die Northlander -> Die, Northlander [so: Otherwise it
looks like Roark's sister is saying "The Northlander" in German!  ]
Perhaps a problem only a few readers would have, but agreed.

Both Fixed.

Also, Jon, you didn't comment on the Mongoose changes to 02fow Sections 145 and 314:

Jonathan Blake wrote:
What are those solutions to 145 and 314?

145: Add "(In this instance, do not restore 3 ENDURANCE points as a result of eating 
the Laumspur as normally would be the case. The dry leaves have acted as an emetic and 
made you throw up, evacuating the poison in your stomach.)" to the end of the first 

314: Delete "You have not eaten today and now you must eat a Meal or lose 3 ENDURANCE 
points." Change Option 3 to: "If you decide not to eat this food, you must eat a Meal or 
lose 3 ENDURANCE points and turn to 178."

Simon Osborne
Project Aon

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