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Roland (the German guy) should be on this list, see v-card
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I hope that this reaches all of you, and I hope that this list is enough
for us (it is if we don't need calendars or galleries or something). I
have to tweak options of this list sometime tomorrow, but now I'm going
to get some sleep, it is 01:02

Email adresses I added to this list are:
cowley@xxxxxxxx                 Chris Cowley
mamu71@xxxxxxxxxxxxx            Daniel Fuller
patJiogo@xxxxxxxxxxx            Patrick Jiogo
RMRIKER@xxxxxxx                 Roland Muller
Larsforever@xxxxxxxxxxx         Mei Long
erinChangTW@xxxxxxxxxxxx        Sheng-han Chang
muluka2000@xxxxxxxxx            Emma Muluka
no7mks@xxxxxxxxxxx              Michael (Hey, I want your real name!)

If you know that some of these are incorrect, please notify me.

Tero Tamminen

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