[project1dev] Re: remaining milestone 2 art tasks

  • From: Hanaan <hanaan.fu@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 19:17:18 -0600

Do you want me to find some references for scaffold, tools, and sign post or do you have some in mind already? Let me know and Ill start working on it!

eric drewes wrote:
we'd like to have the milestone wrapped up by March - so here's my plan for the remaining props and models that are needed...

basically I will list out the props that are needed to finish up with the areas we have, including either a brief description or link to reference art/concept art as well as a general guideline for dimensions (these will have to come later today when i have more time, i'm just gonna have the list for right now). I will also note who has "dibs" on the models, i.e. Larva would have dibs on the temple props because we've already discussed them, Katie would have dibs on beast room props, Hanaan would have dibs on the sign props, etc. Basically, people will claim the models they want to do as they go, with a 2 week deadline (can be extended for more detailed props, or like if katie wants to just claim ALL the beast room models, we can work a timeline out for that) and if they don't finish it by the deadline or whatnot, then it'll go back into the pool of models. I will pick up the slack on any models that need finished or are unclaimed. If you want "dibs" on the models please claim them by the 15th so we'll have some time to clear up the unclaimed ones.

here is the legend

prop name/description (dibs will be in parenthesis) - _claimed will be underlined_

        example - New Diamond and misc floor tiles for temple (eric) -


*Temple Interior*
Skulls and misc bones for temple interior (Larva) - Unclaimed
Jar and pottery props for temple (Larva) - Unclaimed
tiki masks (larva) - _larva_
tribal statues for temple (Larva) - Unclaimed
New Diamond and misc floor tiles for temple (eric) - _eric_
succubus, treasure chest, fallen soldier (alex) - _alex_ (we actually have these models to some extent but they need to be formatted)

I think thats it, if im missing anything let me know.

*Beast Room*
pet bowls (katie) - unclaimed (although i am sure she will claim them as soon as she reads this! :)
pet bed (katie) - unclaimed
rib cages and misc bones (katie) - unclaimed
pipes and water tanks (katie) - unclaimed
stuffed bear (katie) - unclaimed
walls and layout models (katie) - unclaimed

*Void Map*
temporary strange man model (alex) - alex (same as above)
scafolding for sign (hanaan) - unclaimed
crate (hanaan) - _hanaan_
light bulbs (hanaan) - _hanaan_
ladder (hanaan) - _hanaan_
sign post (hanaan) - unclaimed
misc tools (hanaan) - unclaimed
circus wagon cart (chris sherman) - chris
beast (chris sherman) - chris

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