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  • From: eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 12:42:58 -0400

i was kinda going through older game ideas we had talked about and found
this shared google doc from our 2d rpg... also the stuff thats on the
atma.demofox.org has some neat ideas we developed - obviously theres a lot
of stuff that won't apply to the current game but there's some pretty
interesting ideas and things.  i'll go through it and snag the good stuff
but for now, heres the raw doc

Game Ideas
i think that you should be able to get a keep or castle or tower or
something where you have a room that you store your ancient artifacts, like
swords, armor, etc.  where people can see it and it looks awesome.  it could
be an achievement thing for people to try to collect htem all

Alan: That sounds neat.  Maybe each boss has some signature peice of
something you take from them too that goes in there.* good idea alan :)


okay, so I think I have a cool idea for the theme of the game.  basically
its going to be like princessbride/steampunk-ish where we have a world that
is basically limitless but has a self-parodying fairytale element to it.  I
don't mean like american mcgee's alice (though i definitely want some
twisted surrealism in it) but actual like, fairytale elements with some
brightly colored places mixed in with sci-fi worlds, straight fantasy worlds
and nightmare worlds.

the story goes something like this: world is shrouded in darkness blah blah
and the last good empire on the earth makes their attack into the heart of
evil by sending their crew of knights in for one final stand.

the knights (think round table type with steampunk stuff thrown in,
basically complete bad asses) get obliterated pretty easily by the enemy.

then you come in.

My idea is that you have a character you create and you have a goal (save
the world, kinda generic but whatever, i dunno, any ideas?).

you start out about hearing about an ancient group of elite warriors (i
don't have a name yet, "zegres" or "zegre knights" or "duna" or something, i
dunno, any ideas?) that were able to use the power of something called a
"zegre" to battle evil.  a zegre is basically a talisman that is worn on
your hand that lets you focus your internal energy.  you can use it to cast
something akin to magic, you can make like an energy sword with it, plus it
can be upgraded with parts that give it new weapons/spells.  however, it has
a finite energy for weapons/magic so you still have to use
guns/nades/swords/etc  most of the time, especially early in the game - you
can gain more power for it through leveling up.  the zegre can also be the
source of the shield we were talking about.

part 1: get the parts and assemble the zegre

you have to go to three places for this:

underground to a mushroom filled poison swampy level to find "*Auricari" *which
is the metal needed for a zegre.  for reference, i got the name auricu from
auricupride which is the real semi-mythical metal that "orichalcum" is based
on (orichalcum is a mythical metal that absorbs blood and has many magical
properties - i heard about it first in an old indiana jones game but
apparently new FF's use it too)

A moon colony to get space glass - i have a funny idea for this.  theres a
town on the planet that connects to the moon colony via STAIRWAY.  also in
the town is a guy with a teleporter.  the stairway basically goes up up up
up up like 100,000,000 steps and if you're bored and crazy you can go up
that way and theres a countdown timer to tell you how many stairs are left.
when you're like 1000 away theres like a frog or something thats like "hey,
you can't get past me, sorry." and the player gets pissed or whatever and
the frogs like "eh, jk" and shrugs and hops off the side.  maybe he gives
you an item for offending you (i like rewarding people for insanity).  most
players will use the teleporter.

then you have to find the zegre-smith which is an old dude who will forge it
for you and bond it to you.  i was thinking he could be hidden inside the
town you start in.

then basically you have to storm the castles and fight the four kings of the
known world.

the missile king (crazy scraggly dude with the stockade of missiles from
before the world fell)

the villain king (the most evil dude ever, but check this, you fight your
way through his castle, get to the end, and find out his advisor betrayed
him and took over, sending the villain king off into exile.  unfortunately
you need something the real villain king has so you have to track him down
and hes like the beloved mayor of some small town somewhere.)

the fire king (dude loves fire, what can i say?)

and then the king arthur-esque king that sent the knights that all died.
after that happened he closed his castle and sends raiding parties to steal
food and basically has turned evil.

once you beat them you go on to the final castle/boss which is a floating
sky castle i think.

obviously there are a bunch of side-quests, small towns, small bosses, etc.
that you encounter along the way.

what do you think? :)

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