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Yeah you are missing out :)  But I like your comments.

I dont know why but I have this "blackout" in my gaming history where I have been playing games since NES and then hop to PC around the time of Diablo and then I go straight from Diablo into sims and strategy. I have heard of Chrono Trigger but never played it. Have not played Fable 2 but I think I might rent that and give it a go.

I want to finish Mass Effect but havent had time lately. Dragon Age is amazingly well done. You just dont find good RPGs very often this day and age so dont miss that one if you enjoy story driven games. There is a game for PS3, Demons Souls, thats supposed to be great. I have not found the interest to turn that game back on tbh, hehe. But it is said to be well done so I will finish in the future.

For me, RPGs have to have a world worth exploring. It just has to, thats sort of what the genre is about for me. Uncovering the secrets that make you the hero of the day, not just coming to the rescue of some besieged town or troubled family or whatever else. Its your ability to get into the world and learn things for yourself and bring the baddies to their end.

And yeah story has to be very compelling.
On 2/23/2010 3:27 PM, Alan Wolfe wrote:
oh i also liked final fantasy 3, thought that game had great characters and TONS of places to explore and lots of hidden stuff which was really neat.

Good storyline that kept you involved too.

I liked chrono trigger too, for alot of the same reasons but i think it was a more light / cartoony game than ff3.

breath of fire was pretty good but it was too complicated for me or something, i couldnt figure it out and so stopped half way through.

elder scrolls oblivion was kinda fun for a while but it was almost too open ended, like everything was so procedural there was no "heart" to any of it or something. Especially since enemies were always your level, it seemed like leveling up didn't really matter, nor did any of the skills. It did have it's fun parts though.

I havent played mass effect or dragon age hehe, i bet im missing out :P


On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 1:13 PM, Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    i think an emersive story that keeps your interest is what i look
    for most in an RPG

    my fav game of recent times i think is fable2, although there was
    a lot of open endedness to it too besides a general storyline you

    i really liked the atmosphere of that game and i think when people
    really have a good vision and really enjoy the game they are
    making that it shines through.  especially in small details that
    you don't really *need* to do, but that you want to to make it
    better.  hard to explain what i mean but i think when developers
    are really into the game they are making that you can tell and it
    makes it a lot better (:

    there was that movie not too long ago about the guy who aged in
    reverse.  In that movie this lady told him regarding music: "it
    doesnt matter what you play, but how you feel about it that makes
    it sound good or not".

    I think the same is true of any creative endeavor, and that the
    best games are those that you can tell the developers really
    believed in (:

    On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 12:54 PM, Hanaan <hanaan.fu@xxxxxxxxx
    <mailto:hanaan.fu@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        Any of you play Mass Effect or Dragon Age?  I have not
        finished Mass Effect but am enjoying.  Have finished DA a few
        times and I can not stop dissecting it in my mind.  Always
        asking myself what makes this game work so well as an RPG.
         You guys always seem to be talking about other games and
        there seems interest in discussing game theory.

        what makes a good RPG work for you guys?

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