[project1dev] Re: neat document on player interaction

  • From: Ken and Karen McByrd-Bell <kenandkaren777@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 18:27:53 -0700

interesting thoughts about skills and such. imo its good to have maybe a
handful of specialized skills that are as diverse as possible. the first
thing i became really proficient at was music. next came computers (albeit
first gen pc's). but when it came time to find steady income i hired on as a
laborer at a local moving company. fortunately it was a good way to make
decent money and pay my bills, although it was very physically demanding.
additionally i learned how to do more specialized things in this field and
after a while i had a commercial driver's license and my own truck. good
money but there were down sides too. all that to say it was a good source of
reliable income and i still have my cdl which means i can get work driving
interstate if nothing else pans out. when i got off the road and landed here
in northern arizona i couldn't find any local driving jobs so i hired on at
a temp agency. i would have to show up 3 hours early to be at the top of the
list. most of the work was hard menial stuff and didnt pay much. i got
steady work with a contractor through the temp agency but it came to a halt
in the winter. afterward some friends told me that their son was leaving
schwans so i applied for the asst manager job. on my resume listed all the
skills i had learned being self-employed in the relocation business and
although i believe many of these skills make me more valuable to schwans i
dont think they had a huge effect on them hiring me because theres a lot of
specialized knowledge needed, and i ended up applying for a delivery driver
job instead. when i finally got hired they had me do warehouse work
initially to learn a little about the products and how things work. then
something happened and the driver position was delayed so i continued doing
part-time warehouse. when another position opened up i knew a little more
about what was involved with being a driver. they make pretty good money,
but they had very little free time. so idecided that my free time wasnt
worth the extra money id make. ironic that im only making $10/hr and yet im
turning down $32k/year because the extra time required isnt worth it he he.
anyway somewhere in all of that rambling there might be a general formula
for success. honestly most of the jobs ive done i just kind of stumbled
into. interpersonal skills seem to come into play at schwans. the work isnt
difficult to master but i think being adaptable to the "personality
environment" has been key to my success there. bob- the guy i work with most
of the time- has a very unique work philosophy and its been challenging but
me and bob have become good buddies. i guess i try to be like the willow
tree and bend with the wind instead of trying to fight it.

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