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  • From: Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 10:06:16 -0700

"Am I right about that Alan?"

from a building stand point thats true, but from the engine's
standpoint, it's better if everything is at the origin.

it makes a bounding box out of the model based on it's extents from
the origin, so if something is off center it's bounding box is larger
than it needs to be.

It uses that bounding box for all sorts of stuff like collision
detection, figuring out when it has to draw something vs when
something is off screen, for calculating shadows, and more stuff in
the future too.

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 9:48 AM, Chris Riccobono <crysalim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This sign is hotness :)
> About what Alan said, putting models on the origin does help, but it's
> more important with walls and floors than individual things like this.
>  Since this sign isn't going to be repeated throughout the world it's
> not as big a deal for this one.  Am I right about that Alan?
> Speaking of floors, I need some done so that I can lay out the actual
> map this is going to go on.  Eric said he'd get that fleshed out, but
> so far all I know we're going to need is:
> - brick floor tiles for the first path
> - winding dirt floor tiles for the path to the right on the blueprint
> If you feel like taking those on (or maybe Sherman?) I'd be quite happy.
> I just don't want all these cool models sitting and doing nothing
> because there's no map to put them on ;)
> On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 11:56 PM, katie cook <ktmcook@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hey Guys,
>> I only had a bit of time tonight, but I whipped up a sign for the fortune
>> teller. Just to get started and to get a feel for how things would go.
>> I have attached it here.
>> Take a look and let me know what you think, and if it would be usable and
>> appropriate with Eric's established style, etc. Feedback is welcome.
>> I didn't do a mesh optimization seeing as that it is literally 2 really
>> basic boxes.
>> I can if need be.
>> I figured I would start with this real quick to see what kind of direction
>> will be necessary.
>> I have the tent about half way modeled...I am working on the style of it,
>> etc.
>> Did a little looking around of images/themes on fortune telling props like
>> coins, signage, cards, etc. so I got some ideas to work with, but I am
>> hoping to see some of Eric's concepts to make sure to follow style.
>> Thanks Guys,
>> Hope you had a good night! =]
>> Katie
>> --- On Wed, 5/27/09, eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> From: eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Subject: [project1dev] Re: milestone 2 info
>> To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 7:02 AM
>> hey katie, once you get the outside tent done and the table, lets get
>> together and partner up on the interior, so we can arrange the composition
>> of where we want the props, etc.
>> this is going to be awesome looking :) the fortune teller tent definitely
>> has a lot of room to show off our style for the game.
>> On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 9:28 AM, katie cook <ktmcook@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hey Guys,
>>> So I got the green light from Eric, so here are the items I am calling
>>> dibs on:
>>> 1. Circus Tent for fortune teller
>>> 2. Table and Chairs
>>> 3. Chinese Lanterns
>>> I am excited about some other stuff too, like the skulls, garlic cloves,
>>> and other misc props for inside the tent.
>>> But I will start with these 3 for now and see how quickly I get them done.
>>> Then if anyone hasn't claimed them yet, I can fill in on what is needed.
>>> Okay, thanks guys. =)
>>> Katie
>>> --- On Sat, 5/23/09, eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> From: eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx>
>>> Subject: [project1dev] milestone 2 info
>>> To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Date: Saturday, May 23, 2009, 8:41 PM
>>> Milestone 2:
>>> Ok, this will basically start with a glowing puff ball that descends from
>>> the sky and lands on a brick walkway that is floating in the void.  The puff
>>> ball is the player.  you control the puffball moving forward until you run
>>> into a strange man who says, "where do you think YOU'RE going? You dont even
>>> have a body yet! you dont even know who or what you are, do you?" And he
>>> asks a couple of simple questions like gender and hair color, then the
>>> puffball takes that form.  Then the strange man refers you to the "3
>>> tests".
>>> The theme of this area is like an old styled carnival/circus that is just
>>> being set up, only a couple of areas have actually been set up.
>>> a note on the strange man:  this information is not ever explicitely
>>> revealed to the player but it will  be hinted at throughout the game.
>>> basically the man is a mad sorcerer who ascended to the higher plane of
>>> existence and destroyed the ancient gods, something that happened *very*
>>> recently.  with the death of the ancient gods came the end of their world
>>> and thus the empty void - a void that the strange man is filling with his
>>> own surreal vision.  After the chapters are completed and there is the
>>> "climax" of the game, it will be revealed that you were "re-experiencing
>>> your life" and that your character is, in fact, dead.  The strange man will
>>> basically tell you that he's decided to return you to the mortal plane
>>> (havent worked the details out yet) and that is when free-mode is unlocked.
>>> Also, after every chapter, his carnival "afterlife" will be a little bit
>>> more set up, with minigames for the dead, an arena, etc.  This area will be
>>> our golden saucer!  Obviously some details are left out, but I was just
>>> letting you know what was in store for the future of this section.  One
>>> thing important about this guy is that he is mysterious but also he can
>>> break the 4th wall and talk directly to the player out of character.  He is
>>> sort of a post-modern nihilist merlin :)
>>> Detailed Description of Scene:
>>> The fuzz ball will float down from the a long distance through the void.
>>> we will have to add something for the void to make it obvious the object is
>>> falling, some kind of star particles or something.
>>> it lands on a path defined in the beginning with broken bricks floating in
>>> space but as it gets close to the main area, the bricks are more consistent
>>> to make a path and there is ground around the bricks, this leads to a small
>>> stars (4-5 steps) up between a wall with carnival esque posters "COMING
>>> SOON" - past the wall is a cleared off dirt area with the strange man
>>> standing in the middle.
>>> Dialogue ensues between the player and the strange man which defines the
>>> character.  he then directs you to the west over a plank bridge to a small
>>> island floating in the void.  In the middle of the island is a medeival
>>> style tent with a sign denoting it as a fortune teller.
>>> Entering the tent will bring you to a new map - the new map will be just
>>> the room of the fortune teller inside the tent.  there will be bookshelves
>>> and props such as skulls, charms, etc.  I picture it as a mixture of a
>>> voodoo fortune teller and the corny kind of carnival fortune tellers you'd
>>> see at a faire.  there will be a table with a crystal ball, and perhaps a
>>> box of tarot cards.  Sitting at the table facing the player will be the
>>> future teller, a skinny armed person in a cloak with a hood, wearing
>>> bracelets.
>>> The player will be asked questions by the fortune teller, this will help
>>> define stats, faction reps and perks.
>>> once you finish, you leave.  if you go back, you will get the dialogue
>>> option to ask the fortune teller if she really believes in this stuff, she
>>> responds no, laughs madly and poofs.
>>> after this you return to the strange man who unlocks a gate and tells you
>>> to take the second test "the journey"
>>> The Journey
>>> ---
>>> I originally planned on this being the house of mirrors where you'd set up
>>> the looks of your character but i still like the theme.  Instead its going
>>> to be a mayan-esque temple maze with traps and treasures.  I picture it to
>>> be like a combination of the indiana jones temple in the 3rd movie, w/
>>> abstract puzzles. These puzzles will affect stats and also award perks and
>>> skills/
>>> This map will be coming soon...
>>> The Beast
>>> ---
>>> at the end of the temple will be a door that leads to a beast, but before
>>> you do the strange man asks what skills you might need and gives you an
>>> appropriate weapon.  you fight the monster, win.  the exit leads back to
>>> where you met the strange man to begin with.  he says, well, looks like
>>> you're ready! he grabs you and boots you through a door which leads to
>>> Chapter 1
>>> ---
>>> Other than concept art which is coming asap (i need to run to staples to
>>> use the scanner) here is what is needed for now -
>>> Map:
>>> the map needs to be built for the brick path, leading to a wall with a gap
>>> in the middle with stairs that go up to the next stage.  Behind where the
>>> strange man will be, needs to be a high wall - this area will be expanded
>>> further in future milestones.  to the west will be a small plank bridge
>>> leading to an island floating in the void.  in the center will be a tent.
>>> to the east will be a gate, with a short twisting path heading up a hill to
>>> a temple.
>>> Art:
>>> i will probably tackle the character models but everything else is up for
>>> grabs.  please send a msg to the group so we know what you're working on
>>> floating broken bricks for the void, animated to spin, etc.
>>> a brick path
>>> a wall
>>> stairs
>>> dirt clearing
>>> carnival-esque posters with bizarre slogans (See DEAD GODS!, freakshow
>>> type stuff, etc)
>>> a high fence to block the view of what is under construction behind the
>>> strange man.
>>> plank for the bridge
>>> circus tent for the fortune teller
>>> sign for fortune teller
>>> gate for the temple path with more wall (maybe reuse first wall)
>>> props for the fortune teller room - crystal ball, bookshelf, deck of
>>> cards, maybe a hanging thing of garlic cloves, skulls, table, chairs, coins,
>>> chinese lanterns
>>> fortune teller with animated arm movement
>>> strange man
>>> signs for the path up to the temple
>>> textures for aztec/mayan style temple
>>> changeable player art for the model/hair.
>>> we'll have more once the temple is ready to be built...
>>> Code:
>>> alan has this down.
>>> --------------------------------------
>>> sneak preview of chapter 1:
>>> Chapter 1: The Chosen One
>>> opens with an epic poem about a prophecy fortelling a great hero who will
>>> defeat evil once and for all.  the hero is to be the candle in the darkness,
>>> the last and only hope for order in the world.
>>> camera pans to a knight with a cloak walking through the forest.  we will
>>> make it 100% obvious he is the great hero (and he really is!).  a thief
>>> throws a net on him while another stabs him, they take his coin bag and drag
>>> his corpse to the bushes.  they then travel to a local tavern and sit down
>>> to have a beer.  the camera pans to the main character sitting at the bar
>>> near by.

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