[project1dev] Re: megaman 2.5D

  • From: "Chris Sherman" <cshermandesign@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 18:42:51 +0000

I personally don't like chris, the guy drives me nuts. Always screwing over 
people and trying to make excuses like "oh my giant worm ate it". What an ass :p
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From: eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx>

Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 14:25:25 
To: <project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [project1dev] Re: megaman 2.5D

btw, chris (sherman) told me he had some trouble getting the tile from c4d
to milkshape so that is the source of the delay - i told him how to do it so
they should be coming sometime soon

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 2:24 PM, eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> <3 2.5D
> On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 2:10 PM, Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Nick just sent me this link, it's pretty neat look
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6KMAm_228s

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