[project1dev] Re: We have a QA department yay!

  • From: Chris Riccobono <crysalim@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 20:57:33 -0700

I laughed muchily at the cons :P

I am thinking testing this game won't be as tough as it could be,
because you document things very well Alan.  Part of testing is
knowing what is possible in the game, and that is not an issue here.
But that is not to say it won't be a challenge.

You also need to think like 3 different types of players - casuals,
normals, and experts.  Casuals and normals are pretty similar, except
only casuals will blow all their gold on items and use them a ton
while normals think they're too good for that.  Experts will do stuff
like go through the game using the weakest gear possible with only one

Speaking of this, do we plan on adding difficulty settings to this game?

Anyway, for the more mundane stuff of testing (such as making sure you
can't jump through any texture seams into infinity, collision with
enemies and props, making sure the game doesn't crash when
infrequently used models are present) I am going to post guidelines,
and if anyone on the team is willing to help, it will be easy for them
to pitch in.

You also need to document what you test very thoroughly (I will also
post about this), and communication is a biggie.

I'm really glad to help in this area!

On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 8:43 AM, Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ok so our game is getting to the point already where having some QA would
> help.
> In game dev, much like the government, the different departments act kind of
> like a balance of power.
> Here's a tongue in cheek caricature of the different departments and how
> they work together hehehe
> Design:
> Pros - makes the game BE AWESOME!
> Cons - asks for impossible things on a whim then changes their mind when
> they see them.
> Art:
> Pros - makes the game LOOK AWESOME!
> Cons - uses up all your RAM budget and CPU time on a single, perfectly
> awesome, uber poly count animated model.
> Coding:
> Pros - makes stuff work
> Cons - makes stuff NOT work, tells you everything is impossible, and that
> your art takes too much memory and CPU time (hahahah)
> QA:
> Pros - Ensures that crazy special cases have been thought of, that nothing
> is broken, and that things make sense to players who have never seen the
> game before.
> Cons - wants to do designs job for them
> (Kent you as a scripter live in 2 worlds, both in coding and design hehe)
> LOL ok so now that I've offended everyone I'd like to announce that Chris R
> is going to be our Head of QA! (:
> YAY!
> We'll probably be grabbing i think like 2 or 3 more testers as time goes on
> and he'll be coordinating their efforts to make sure our game isn't buggy
> etc.
> It's going to be a rough task for this kind of a game but I'm glad he's up
> to it.
> You rock Chris thanks for taking this on! (:

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